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Hair Product Guide

Hair Product Guide

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Looking for hair product recommendations? Our Hair Product Guide is the resource you need.

In 2020, Carmen Veal Conway, our founder, introduced the original Hair Product Guide with a mission in mind.

Her goal was to simplify the often-complicated process of choosing the right hair products. Dating back to becoming a natural hair enthusiast herself in 2008, Carmen recognized the challenges faced by many in the curly hair community.​

Her journey started with personal struggles. Carmen had her own moments of uncertainty about her natural tight curls. After years of relaxing her hair and wearing protective styles, she decided to embrace her natural curls with the big chop. However, she found herself in unfamiliar territory, not knowing how to care for her newly liberated curls despite being a hair care professional for many years. She explored various sources of advice, including YouTube and social media, only to encounter more confusion.

Carmen's frustration led her on a quest for better solutions. She delved into the science of curly hair, seeking to understand its behavior and the reasons behind it. Her determination to simplify the process for herself eventually extended to her salon clients and Clean and Simple Hair students.

The result? The birth of the Natural Hair Product Guide, a FREE resource designed to help anyone navigate the world of natural hair products with clarity. This guide doesn't just recommend products; it empowers individuals to make savvy choices by merging good habits with quality products, all in line with Carmen's clean and simple philosophy.

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