Since 2013, our goal has been to help Black women improve their quality of life, starting with their natural curly hair. We focus on an education-based approach to beauty, which led us to create our Beauty & Wellness Showroom — a pop-up experience that intertwines haircare with wellness, deeply rooted in cultural values. This innovative approach has forever changed how we impact the world.

Natural Beauty in Every Curl

Our Goals

To influence and celebrate Black beauty around the world. To improve how Black beauty is perceived in the places we work, live, learn, and play. To support trailblazing causes and advocate for greater inclusivity within our brand, company, and community. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to transform the global perception of Black beauty.


To be the most loved beauty and wellness destination for our consumer and professional communities, and the most admired partner by our Brown Skin Women associates, communities, and partners.


Helping Black women improve their quality of life through natural hair beauty and wellness.


At Brown Skin Women, our values guide us in fulfilling our vision and mission with integrity and impact.

    Meet Carmen

    Carmen is a happy wife, mom, kindness advocate, founder of Brown Skin Women company and foundation, and a seasoned curly hair professional. What began as a humble hobby in 2013 with her natural hair blog, Brown Skin Women, has blossomed into transformative events from 2014 to 2018 and the establishment of a tight curl hair studio in 2018. Carmen’s expertise expanded as she guided clients to master their natural hair, and during the global pandemic, her home hair care teachings reached women in over 19 countries. Responding to increased demand post-pandemic, Carmen has focused on educating hair care professionals and now serves as a natural hair advisor in partnership with renowned theaters and museums, contributing to their inclusive initiatives.