Your Natural Haircare Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

Your Natural Haircare Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

One of the key reasons that Brown Skin Women exists is to help our Curlfriends reclaim their time and joy. Clean and Simple is the first step. We dramatically shorten washdays and begin to remove the negative emotions associated with our beautiful hair. Most common issues will be solved after committing to our recommended regimen. Dry hair, excessive frizz, and failed styles become a thing of the past. The Clean and Simple natural haircare routine allows us to have stunning results with our natural, curly hair. Our natural hair mindset continues to positively shift as we develop a healthier relationship with our hair. Ultimately: when you begin to love your hair and appreciate it, it becomes easier to do the same with yourself.

Not only does Brown Skin Women want our Curlfriends to stop dreading washday, but we also want them to look forward to it! Haircare is a form of self-care. It should be a time in the week that is dedicated to taking care of and loving on yourself. Your hair is a beautiful extension of you. The time you spend managing it should be filled with gentleness, patience, and understanding. Not sure how to make your wash hours a self-bonding ritual? Here are a few ways to get started.

Routines can help us tremendously.

The only issue is, that for many us, maintaining them can be difficult. Remember that it’s okay if you aren’t perfect when it comes to your natural haircare routine. If you’re busy and can’t cleanse on the seventh-day mark, don’t get upset with yourself or panic. Life happens. Cleanse when you have time. You shouldn’t try to rush through the process just because it’s day seven. There’s a chance that you’ll be rougher with your hair, causing pain and damage, when you’re trying to beat the clock. Putting pressure on yourself to maintain a perfect hair regimen also may cause you more stress and anxiety. Those feelings will become attached to your cleansing process and create dread toward your hair. That’s the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do here!

Create a routine that works for you. Ideally, you will wash your hair once a week. If you have to adjust and cleanse on day 5 or day 9 because of your schedule that’s perfectly fine! Give yourself grace. Be proud of yourself for trying to change your hair habits. Aim for consistency and try your best to be mindful of your scalp and hair.

Foster an environment that makes you happy.

We briefly discuss how to do this with children during their natural haircare regimen in our No More Tears blog series. It’s not too different for adults. This time, we replace their preferences with yours. Listen to music that you like while cleansing or put on a podcast that you enjoy. Choose something that brings your joy or excitement. Whether it’s a curated playlist or your favorite jams or a new episode that you haven’t tuned into yet, having an audio medium to accompany you during this process is priceless. It will make time go by faster and you’re more likely to enjoy yourself.

You can keep using audio aid while styling (if you are forgoing a wash-n-go) your hair or pop on something visual. If you decide to watch a show or a movie, choose something that you’ve been looking forward to. If you’re watching a show that comes out weekly, watch the new episode while you’re doing your hair. It’ll be an exciting treat as you style your hair.

For added ambiance, feel free to light a few candles, have your favorite drink, and wear something comfy. Utilize things that make you happy while doing your hair!

Enjoy the process.

This tip is exactly as it sounds. Enjoy the simple pleasures of feeling your fingers on your scalp. Don’t use your nails when you’re washing your hair so you avoid causing tears and damage to the skin. Use the technique shown in our natural haircare training programs to cleanse your curly hair. It will make the process much more enjoyable and efficient. Close your eyes while you rub the scalp and take deep breaths as your work through your hair. You may find a few spots on your head that feel especially good. Linger there and feel the stress begin to melt away. Let go of some of the tension you’ve been holding in your neck and shoulders as you (literally) wash the past week down the drain.

Remind yourself to be gentle during the next step: detangling. Make sure you do not tug on your hair and use the appropriate techniques for this step. Many of us have caused damage when we detangle our natural hair because of a lack of patience, the right tools, and education on proper techniques. Find joy in gingerly removing knots and tangles from your hair. Bask in the simple pleasures of running product through your hair with your fingers.

Use quality products.

Choose products that work well with your hair. You’ll be able to feel the difference when you use high-quality plant-based products as opposed to low-quality ones. Ideally, you’ll use products that have a smell you enjoy. This is a bit of aromatherapy and can further relax you. It may not seem like much, but you will come to enjoy using specific products that make your senses happy. Another bonus is knowing that your hair will turn out wonderfully.

Not stressed, just relaxed.

Remember: natural haircare is meant to be self-care. You are doing something wonderful for yourself. Carving out time to address your physical and mental needs can be difficult in today’s hustle culture. You may be busy with work or your family (for many of us: both,) but it’s important to still cherish ourselves and our bodies. You will begin to look forward to this routine as continually dedicate time and space to take care of yourself. You’ll begin to find it easier to prepare yourself to cleanse your hair and scalp. The negative emotions surrounding haircare will begin to fade away.

The connection between you and your coily hair is powerful. It speaks to our roots and our ancestors. Take the time to truly enjoy nurturing it. It will nurture you in return.

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