Should You Get a Curly Haircut or Straight Haircut?

Should You Get a Curly Haircut or Straight Haircut?

There is a lot of noise on the internet about curly haircuts vs. straight haircuts. What type of haircut tight curly hair needs boils down to two things: how you wear your hair most and the skillset of the professionals near you can provide. If you rarely or never straighten your hair then a curly cut is best. If you wear your hair straightened more often than once in a while you may want to get a straight cut.

What is the difference between a curly cut and a straight cut?

Curly cuts are typically for those who wear loose natural styles like the afro, wash-n-go (which is your natural curls defined), twist-outs, braid-outs and curl sets. When these styles are complete, how they appear will be influenced by what shape your hair has. This shape can be unflattering for some, requiring a haircut to create balance.

The curly haircut is a process of determining what your ideal shape is and how that translates to the hair on your head. The condition, length, and strength of your strands all play a role in determining the outcome of your shape. Once done, the tight curl specialist will execute removing curl by curl to create the desired shape. The hair is cut where it naturally lives, in space. Which makes up for areas of the head with looser vs tighter curls that one can’t see when the hair has been stretched out of its natural state.

A straight cut is done on hair that has been stretched with heat. Unless someone has a chemical straightener, the hair will always require alteration with heat to be cut where it lays which is down. This is a process of stretching out the curls with a handheld heat-powered device.

What are the benefits of a curly cut?

The primary benefit is getting the hair cut where it naturally lives without alternating it. The outcome of the cut and the condition of the hair as it grows will look flattering over time, as long as the professional trims are maintained. Curly haircuts also translate to other loose natural styles like the afro, twisted style, twist outs, braid outs, and curl sets. The curly cut does not however always translate well with straightened hairstyles. They tend to appear “choppy” due to where loose and tighter curls live on the head.

What is the benefit of a straight cut?

Straight cuts are much quicker than curly haircuts and great for those who don’t wear the wash-n-go. The hair is cut where it falls and is a straightforward way to remove damage and create a shape.

Healthy hair is happy hair!

Regardless of which cut you decide to choose, know that the routine with cuts can make or break the health of your hair. You will want to work with your tight curl professional to determine how often you will receive your routine professional trims.

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