Natural Holiday Hairstyles

Natural Holiday Hairstyles

The winter holidays are associated with parties, get-togethers, work events, celebrations, and other events. If you're natural, this season might be stressful for you. You may struggle to figure out which styles to wear depending on your current regimen, your hair length, and your capabilities. There is also often a stigma surrounding natural hair even if you come from a family full of tight curls. While the natural hair movement has had a resurgence, we still battle texturism and internalized anti-Blackness within our community.

The holidays are meant for celebrating. So let's celebrate our curls by breaking down stigmas and admiring gorgeous tight, curly styles you can confidently wear this season.

Dismantling Natural Hair Stigmas

Unfortunately, texturism and anti-blackness have been prevalent within our community for so long, and it's disheartening to know that these attitudes reach back to slavery. It's incredibly unjust that Africans and people of African descent were deemed inhuman and that all of their features were considered to be less desirable. Those who had mixed backgrounds with white, indigenous, or other heritage may have had lighter skin and looser curls, which was more in line with Euro-centric beauty standards. Those who were more alien with Eurocentric features were treated better than those who weren't. This fostered the texturism and colorism we still deal with today.

The lack of respect and care for tight curls has forced our ancestors and recent elders to come up with ways to be socially acceptable, which has encouraged the wearing of wigs, extension styles, and chemical relaxers. Straight, wavy, or loose curls have been considered appropriate and beautiful in our society for generations. As a result, when someone steps outside of this norm and wears their natural hair, they are often subject to negative remarks and criticism. It's important to challenge these biases and celebrate the beauty of all hair textures and types.

How to Cope

The best way to challenge it is to work on feeling secure and beautiful in your natural state. This can take time but know that most of the people who make negative side comments about your hair have a lot to internally unpack. It's not your job to do it for them. Remind whoever is talking poorly about your appearance that it's your hair, not theirs.

The key thing to remember: your natural hair is beautiful and appropriate for all events. The notion that natural hair isn't suitable for formal events, vacations, or other special occasions is rooted in anti-Blackness. Our hair is versatile and perfect, just the way it is.

Here are a few styles that we think show the versatility of tight curls and will look fabulous for your next holiday party.

Wash-n-Go with Temporary Wax Coloring

Braided Crown with a Clip Accessory


Christmas Curls and Bun

Half-Up Half-Down Wash-n-Go

Sleek Pony and Bun

Ponytail Bun with Bangs

Like These Styles?

Interested in trying these looks out but not sure how to do it? Don't worry, we've got your back. Every style shown will appear in our style library. There, you can follow Carmen's recorded tutorial on how to achieve your favorite styles. You can access it with a membership to our online Home Hair Care Academy.

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