Mommy and Me Yoga

Mommy and Me Yoga

After a hiatus, we’re back to hosting live events and classes like our Mommy and Me yoga again! To kick off 2023, we’re reminding our community how impactful yoga is. It’s a wonderful activity that helps you learn how to be present in your body and mind. It’s not just a fun exercise to do on rare occasions, either. Yoga can be an exciting way to challenge yourself and it can stand alone or be an addition to your fitness routine. When I first started yoga I faced challenges. One of them was the fact that I felt like an outsider. I was the only Black person in my class and the instructors never looked like me. Representation matters, that includes wellness spaces.

I decided to become the resource I once needed and host wellness events for Black women. I also choose culturally inclusive and sensitive yoga teachers to lead these classes. Mommy and Me yoga is a beautiful way to connect with your child. Through poses and mindful movements, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a special moment with your little one. We encourage mothers and children of all ages to join us.

Not sure if you want to try yoga? Here are 4 things yoga does to your body and mind.

4 Things Yoga Does

  1. Reduces stress. Stretching and deep breathing can help your body regulate stress. The actual practice of movement can help you shift your mood in a positive way. Many yoga practices express that this stress reduction happens off the mat, too. Regular yoga practice has helped them address difficult, stressful, or intense situations in better ways. Yoga has also been known to ease anxiety.

  2. Strengthens your joints. Let’s face it. As we get older, our body typically starts to weaken. We get sore easier, our body has random aches, and we begin to lose mobility. Some may only think about flexibility when they hear yoga, but that isn’t the case. Yoga builds integral strength in both your muscles and your joints. Those who suffer from chronic joint pain may be able to benefit from mindfully moving a few times a week or for a brief session once a day.

  3. You learn to listen. Not just to your instructor. One of the key elements of yoga is that it’s YOUR practice. Your body is different than the person next to you. It’s had injuries and experiences that differ from those around you. The key to mindful movement is acknowledging where your body is at in the moment. You may need to make modifications or take certain stretches if your body asks for them. This is a powerful tool. You will become more mindful of your physical needs and it will become easier to ground yourself within your body.

  4. Your sleep improves. Consistent practice of yoga (even just a few times a week) can drastically improve your sleep. Yoga combines exercise, focus, and meditation. Routine exercise and meditation are both commonly recommended to those who have issues sleeping. For our Curlfriends who struggle to fall asleep and/or STAY asleep, yoga may help you.

The bonus of participating in our Mommy and Me yoga class is that your child gets to experience these benefits, too! You will be giving your child the foundation of mindfulness and relaxation. Even infants can benefit from the connection that our carefully chosen poses foster.4 Things to Expect from Our Mommy and Me Yoga Class:

  1. Our event selling out. We don’t mean to brag, but our incredible community always enjoys the classes we offer. We are often working with limited space and want to provide a personable experience for each attendee. If you plan on attending a class, we suggest you purchase your ticket right away.

  2. Be welcomed with loving arms. Come as you are! We’ve cultivated an environment for Black women so they feel accepted and loved within our space. It can be your first time trying yoga and you will still be supported and cheered on. Our yoga classes are rooted in love, acceptance, and fun. We want you and your child to leave this class feeling appreciated.

  3. An incredible bonding experience. Mommy and Me Yoga is one of our favorites. Our attendees cherish this experience with their children. It gives them a chance to be vulnerable together and truly work as a united team. Doing yoga together creates an open environment that you may not have the chance to share with your child often. You may find after this class that Mommy and Me yoga is something you want to regularly incorporate.

  4. Investing in your child’s mental health. Yoga as an introduction to self-care. Our children are reflections how their caregivers and are easily influenced by their habits. Showing your child how to practice mindfulness inspires them to do the same. Yoga is more than just helpful stretching. It teaches you how to be present within your body and quiet the mind, even when in stressful situations. Deep breathing activities are also key in yoga and can be implemented in everyday life.

Children deserve to have the same tools as adults do when it comes to their mental and physical health. Yoga exercises the brain and the body, who wouldn’t benefit from that?Join Us!

You can purchase tickets or check our calendar for future classes here. We would love for you to see your beautiful faces in our classes. We believe that Black people should have the same access and opportunity to explore the world of yoga. Our goal is to create a safe space for our underserved community that feels comfortable and kind. We can’t wait to see you.

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