Effects of Unhealthy Natural Hair Habits

Effects of Unhealthy Natural Hair Habits

Ever try a hairstyle that ended in total failure? Been there. You may think it’s either the technique or products used that caused this result. That’s not the case, though. Our unhealthy hair and hair habits are often the reasons for our not-so-decent hair days. Today, we’re going over a few common issues caused by unhealthy natural hair habits.


Frizz is a common sign of uncoordinated curls and is one of the top complaints among naturals. There is nothing wrong with frizzy natural hair, especially if it is what you prefer. But if it is not your preference and you wonder what is causing it, consider it either a behavior that hydration and styling products can help reduce or a reaction to the humid weather.

Lack of Definition

Frizz and a lack of definition go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. There are times when your hairstyle comes out PERFECTLY. You can’t stop looking in the mirror or snapping pictures because you’re in awe of your own hair. Only to slowly watch it morph into something unrecognizable. This might happen over the course of a few hours or a couple of days.

While undefined natural hair can be its own look, it’s probably not what you were going for when you did a twist-out. You might find it surprising (or not) that water is one of the most important solutions. If you keep up with Brown Skin Women, you’ll notice that water plays a vital role in our hair care. Then comes products and proper application.

Your undefined styles are likely a result of hair that lacks a healthy hydration and moisture level, application, and technique.

Styles Don’t Last

As mentioned above, your style may look great at first but then quickly changes. Your styles should last longer than a handful of days if you’ve used the right products and techniques. A common reason why hairstyles don’t last is a lack of preventative care. You should be setting your hair with a hooded dryer and securely covering your hair every night to help maintain your style.

Another reason why your style doesn’t last could be split ends. They cause snagging and tangling, which can affect your styling and takedown process. Improperly taking your hair down can ruin a hairstyle alone, but pair that along with split ends, and you’re guaranteed a short-lived look.

Lastly, your natural hair may be too damaged or in an extremely dry state so it has trouble holding the style.

Unlearn Your Hair Habits

Brown Skin Women is here to help you find real solutions to these issues. You can learn step-by-step how to cleanse, style, and maintain healthy hair in our Clean and Simple Hair Care course. You can also check out our blogs and social media pages for helpful information.

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