5 Reasons Natural Hair Events Can Change Your Life

5 Reasons Natural Hair Events Can Change Your Life

Brown Skin Women prides itself on building a community where our Curlfriends can grow and thrive. One of the ways we achieve this is by hosting natural hair events for our community. We’ve held successful Expos and (recently) an Experience that our guests loved. There’s so much power in open-minded individuals coming together in order to better their lives. If you have ever considered attending one of our events or something similar but weren’t too sure about it, keep reading. We’re going to discuss the ways our natural hair meetups can change your life.

1. When women support each other, incredible things happen.

It’s no secret. Black women and women of color are incredible. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the support we deserve. Sometimes this happens as we grow and evolve but the people in our lives don’t evolve with us. It’s natural for some relationships to expire simply because they no longer align with us. We can appreciate what those relationships meant to us and how they helped us, but that doesn’t mean we need to cling to them when it’s time to move on. The scariest part of leaving relationships as an adult is creating new ones. Many women struggle to make new relationships because they don’t know where to start. Our natural hair events give our attendees the chance to meet other women who are on the same journey. They are able to share stories and boost each other’s confidence. Brown Skin Women encourages our attendees to connect and realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Many women feel insecure about their hair and appearance. Our events celebrate the things that society tries to make women feel bad about. We create an environment that allows strangers to enter an event alone and leave with a support system and budding friendships.

2. Natural hair tips, tricks, and techniques are explored.

Our attendees for our natural hair events get the chance to learn new hair techniques. Brown Skin Women’s main purpose is to give curly-haired women more opportunities to enjoy their lives. Not only does this mean spending less time doing your hair weekly, but also how to successfully your style for special events. Showing up to our natural hair events means you will get to see live demonstrations of styles you may have struggled with before or never thought you could attempt. Watching the demonstrations hits differently for many of our guests. They’re able to see different angles, ask questions, and learn in a safe space. Our Curlfriends pick up simple tricks and tips that make their hair care THAT much easier. When you learn from educated professionals, you build a strong foundation for optimal home hair care.

3. We give you gifts! Usually full-sized products amongst other things.

I love products. Great products. When beautiful women with natural hair gather, it’s the perfect time to share those products. Brown Skin Women events are carefully designed so all of our attendees can have a fun, luxurious experience. We make sure that everyone who steps into our doors is treated respectfully and like the royalty they are. A way we do that is through giveaways. We tell our Curlfriends to use high-quality, plant-based products, so why wouldn’t we share them at our events? The hair products that we provide as gifts are ones that we stand by and support. We never give our Curlfriends products that don’t align with our beliefs. We give our attendees full-sized or salon-sized bottles of the products along with other gifts. Only the best for our Curlfriends!

4. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with other professional working women and business owners

Networking is everything. Many of us have learned this lesson the hard way. We network everywhere we go. Every connection we make can be impactful and positive for our lives. Professional networking can be difficult for women of color because we are not always invited to those spaces. This is unfortunate because it causes Black women to have fewer opportunities to further their careers or find great deals for their businesses. Luckily for our Curlfriends, Brown Skin Women has women from all walks of life attend our natural hair events. There’s ample opportunity for our attendees to connect and exchange information. It’s an exciting opportunity to meet other women who could help you or use your help in the career department. Networking also creates a personal bond. Women can meet and discuss the struggles and adversities that they’ve had to overcome in regard to family, work, and personal development.

5. Gain a complimentary membership to Carmen’s CurlFamily.

While we love hosting in-person events like our Expos and the Experience, we know that’s not practical for our Curlfriends around the globe. We have decided to create an online community where our members can interact with one another, show off their hair, get encouragement, and ask questions. There are also livestreams with Carmen and accountability groups on our platform. The CurlFamily was created for those who want to enrich other areas of their lives. It’s a community that is designed for members to lean on one another as they navigate improving their life. All from the comfort of their computer or cellphone. The CurlFamily is another opportunity for friendship, networking, advice, and knowledge. If you can’t make it to our in-person natural hair events, consider becoming a part of the family.

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