72. The Pressure to Fit In

72. The Pressure to Fit In

In this episode of Clean & Simple, Carmen discusses the importance of inclusivity in hairstyling. Even when natural hair is being celebrated, it's often done through a particular lens that excludes more of our community than it includes. Certain curl patterns are praised while others are encouraged to be stretched or altered to be considered beautiful. And all curls are subjected to unfair judgment and regulations from schools, jobs, and other social situations.

It's so important for us to advocate for the acceptance and love of all curls. We should also expect the spaces that we occupy to show fairness when it comes to curls. If they don't, we have to strive for change. Legislation for The Crown Act is a prime example of fighting for acceptance and the destigmatization of Black hair in society. Acts and movements like these are required to shift beauty standards to become more inclusive and encourage diversity, not ostracize it. Carmen also breaks down how to have uncomfortable conversations surrounding your hair and how to advocate for yourself.


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