Why You Struggle with Your Natural Hair

Why You Struggle with Your Natural Hair

Clean and Simple hair is not a technique or a three-step method; it is HAIR CARE. It’s a way of handling, managing, and taking care of your natural hair at home in a way that works with your and your family’s lifestyle. It’s how I help CurlFriends change their hair habits.

I developed the Clean and Simple concept around 2014 when I noticed I had been operating my life in the most sustainable and simplest way possible. From my diet and intentional routine to intentionally navigating my every personal and professional decision. So, it was a natural way for me to inspire my Curlfriend community to adopt the same approach with our natural hair, and ultimately, our lifestyle.

So what it is really? Clean and Simple hair shifts your mindset and aligns your routine with science-based methods.

Not sure what defines “struggling with your natural hair?” See if anything below resonates with you.


  1. It takes you longer than 30 minutes to cleanse, condition, and detangle.
  2. You use more than 3-4 products to shampoo, condition, and style.
  3. Wash day takes you longer than two hours (this includes dry time).
  4. You feel like your hair doesn’t grow.
  5. You struggle with frizz, lack of definition, and shrinkage.

    I’m here to tell you that your natural hair isn’t the problem, your relationship with it is.

    I’ve compiled a few resources that are a great starting point toward establishing and maintaining healthy hair:

    1. Natural Hair Mindset: What I Wish I had Known
    2. What is the Protective Style Scale?
    3. The Real Difference Between Hair Types
    4. Your Hair Habits Matter
    5. My Wash N Go in 90 Minutes

      Your hairstyle of choice will vary based on your preferences.

      In my Clean and Simple Hair Course, I offer a Style Library so Curlfriends can master their go-to styles of choice. Work with what works for your lifestyle and leave the rest.

      This way something as simple as a quick cleanse and style before it’s time to leave for work can become a reality for you too. Or not being limited to extension styles for vacations and special occasions. Natural hair is everyday hair.

      I encourage my clients and students to follow a specific regimen so they can maintain the integrity and health of their hair and scalp. I want that for you too, Curlfriend!

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