Why We Love The Doux Hair Products

Why We Love The Doux Hair Products

When I went natural over ten years ago, I could barely find natural hair products on the shelves. This is probably one reason the natural community uses the food shelves for DIY products.  By the time I returned to the hair industry and opened my salon in 2018, I found a lot had changed since the first wave in my career.  The options are expansive, and now one could say the hair care industry is oversaturated.  It’s hard to decipher between good quality, what works, and what’s worth it.  Well, today, I’m shining a light and sharing four reasons we love, use, and recommend The Doux Hair Products.

A licensed Cosmetologist created The Doux

Owner Maya Smith knows, understands, and caters to naturally textured hair. Nothing prepares catering to natural hair like serving it behind a chair. And Maya has done so for over 20 years. 


Science backs the Product’s Formulas

Not only is the Owner of the Brand a Professional, but she also leans on science for hair care, styling, and product development. Knowing how ingredients work within the environment and on the hair is essential for hair needs, goals, and lifestyles. The Doux has one of the BEST mousse styling products on the market. I have used MANY on our clients, and this one is the cake and the frosting on top.

Straightforward Line That Doesn’t Sell To Insecurities


If you look at The Doux’s product line, you won’t find any raw oils or heavy butter-based products. I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but oils in your hair care regimen create more issues than you may know and want. I talk and demonstrate more about that here. Like many brands on the market, adding oil to the line is a guaranteed way to make more money. Hair growth oils, split end repair oils? All marketing scams to get your coin.

Science-Based Education

Maya does what most natural hair care brands cant: educate with actual factual science-based knowledge and experience. She debunks myths and challenges the methods you may know and use, all of which you’ll find deeply explored inside our Home Hair Care Academy.

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