What Type of Conditioner Should You Use?

What Type of Conditioner Should You Use?

Conditioner is a key staple for just about everyone. We’re often taught that conditioner is what moisturizes the hair, but that isn’t exactly true. As we’ve discussed before, water is what hydrates the hair, not the conditioner. The conditioner acts as a sealant for moisture. It locks in the water your hair has absorbed during the washing process and helps retain it. Some naturals have heard that oils are the best way to seal moisture, but we know here at Brown Skin Women that raw oils and butters will further dry your hair.


3 Types of Conditioners

There are three main types of conditioner. We’re breaking them down today so you can select what works best for your regimen.


Daily rinse out

Daily rinse-outs are your typical conditioners. This type of conditioner will keep your hair properly hydrated for about seven days, so if you’re cleansing weekly then it’s perfect for you. The recommended time to leave it in your hair is often within 10 minutes. If your conditioner says to leave it in for 5-6 minutes, don’t leave it in for 40 minutes to get “extra moisture.” This can damage your hair.


Deep condition

Deep conditions aren’t needed on a weekly basis. They’re best for hair that hasn’t been properly hydrated in a while or if you’re treating something specific. Need some examples? If you’ve been wearing a protective style or haven’t washed your hair for upwards of a couple of weeks, you can deep condition your hair. If your hair has been put through some stress, like a silk press, then you can deep condition it. You should apply the same leave-in rule as daily conditioners. Do not exceed the recommended time. It won’t strengthen your hair, it’ll ultimately damage it.


Remember to fully rinse out daily and deep conditioners. They aren’t meant to linger in your hair and can cause it to break.



Leave-in conditioners are only making this list because of their misleading name. This type of conditioner doesn’t lock in water like the previous types. In fact, it’s more of a styling product than a conditioner. They can help your hair hold onto the moisture already sealed in your hair. Think of it as a small layer of protection. You should use them after washing and conditioning your hair when styling your hair. Leave-in conditioners are great for styles like afros.


Important reminder:

Brands will encourage you to use the same product line to get the best results. This is just a marketing tactic. If you’re using high-quality products, it doesn’t matter which brands you mix and match. You should make your selections on what your hair needs, not what companies tell you. Just make sure you are choosing a conditioner that targets your hair needs.


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