Our New Curl Clinic

Our New Curl Clinic

We decided to create Carmen's Curl Clinic after Brown Skin Women Salon reached client capacity. There was still a high demand for our services and we wanted to help as many curlfriends as possible. You can think of Carmen's Curl Clinic as a space to have "walk-in" or same-day virtual or in-person appointments. You can get the support you need for your pressing, curl-specific issues. Let's explore the difference between Carmen's Curl Clinic and regular client services.

Specialized Expertise. Carmen's Curl Clinic focuses exclusively on addressing curly hair challenges and providing tailored solutions.

Individualized Consultations. Each client is seen as a unique case with specific needs and concerns, leading to customized recommendations and treatments.

Education and Empowerment. Carmen's Curl Clinic is not just about styling hair. It's also about educating and empowering clients to better understand and care for their curls. The goal is to equip clients with the knowledge and tools they need for long-term curl health.

Focus on Solutions. The clinic is a place where clients not only address their issues. They find practical solutions they can incorporate into their lives. Whether it's managing frizz, enhancing curl definition, or improving overall hair health, the clinic provides actionable steps for improvement.

Holistic Approach. The Curl Clinic takes a holistic approach to curly hair care. We consider important factors such as lifestyle, hair history, product preferences, and styling goals. The clinic isn't meant to be a one-time service. Instead, it will serve as a resource for your curl's long-term management and well-being.


Who Can Benefit from Carmen's Curl Clinic


Caregivers and their children. We receive questions and listen to the concerns of parents and caregivers every week. Our online community has a Kid's Corner space for that very reason. There are step-by-step tutorials that show caregivers how to painlessly style and manage their children's hair. Our clinic offers one-to-one sessions where you can ask questions and address concerns about your child's hair. Note: You can also book a session if you are a caregiver for someone who needs support. Carmen has experience making accommodations for persons with disabilities.


Struggling Curlfriends. If you're having difficulties with any part of your regimen, this is a space for you. A one-to-one appointment is a great way to have your questions answered. Each of our curlfriends is different. Key factors that lead to answers vary from the water in your house to the formula of your products. You'll be asked important questions so you can be provided with the best solution that fits into your lifestyle.


Thriving Curlfriends. An appointment may not seem necessary but plenty of our curlfriends who have generally successful results and healthy hair have moments of struggle. They may be confused about a product or wondering why a specific style isn't turning out. A mindful conversation can fill in the gaps of knowledge or technique to perfect your regimen.


Visit Our Clinic!


Our founder chose to develop and create Carmen's Curl Clinic so all our curlfriends can have a specialized and valuable resource. It's a space for curly-haired individuals who seek comprehensive care and support. You can find our Curl Clinic online bookings here. If you are already a Home Hair Care Academy member, please navigate to the Curl Clinic space within the community. We hope and look forward to seeing each and every one of you who visits Carmen's Curl Clinic.


As always, thank you for trusting us with your beautiful curls.

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