New Year, New Natural Hair Goals

New Year, New Natural Hair Goals

Our philosophy is clean and simple hair all year long. We know that if you are adopting our regimen or one similar, it may be overwhelming. The clean and simple lifestyle is drastically different than what our caretakers taught us and what we see on mainstream social media. You have to readjust your mind and be open to a different approach to hair that may go against everything you thought you knew.

The New Year is the perfect time to try new things—so if you don't know where to begin, our Natural Hair webinar is the perfect introduction. during our webinar, Carmen provides some of the foundational knowledge behind the clean and simple hair care regimen. she also provides free resources that will help you begin to debunk common misconceptions within the natural hair community.

If the webinar strikes a cord in you and leaves you inspired, the next best step is enrolling in our Clean and Simple Detox training course. It instills the knowledge that Carmen gathered over her 10+ years as a natural hair professional. Below, you'll find what's included in the course.

Clean and Simple Detox Course Includes...

How to cleanse and condition. Carmen walks you through the process of washing tight, coarse curls. She demonstrates how to best cleanse the scalp and hair while avoiding tangling and irritation to the skin. She'll also show you how to maximize your hair hydration with conditioner.

How to detangle. Learn which type of tools are best suited for detangling your curls. Carmen shows her methods of detangling that have greatly reduced her "wash day" to a "wash hour."

How to style a well-defined wash-n-go. The wash-n-go is a staple in the Clean and Simple regimen. Carmen recommends loose styles to optimize your hair health, the wash-n-go being her personal favorite. Learn how to get long-lasting and defined curls.

Science-backed information. The Clean and Simple Detox course also breaks down the science of tight curls. Carmen is a strong believer in educating her students on why they need to do certain things in their regimen. Having an understanding of natural hair and how it behaves will help students incorporate better practices into their daily lives.

Embrace Your Natural Hair Journey

If you plan on adopting our suggested hair regimen this New Year—or any time—you may run into some struggles. We know and understand that changing your norm is difficult. That's why so many New Year resolutions are dropped after a few weeks or even days. Most of the time, people didn't quite know what they were signing up for or didn't have a community to help them persevere past the roadblocks. We thought it'd be helpful to prepare you for the hurdles!

Did you know that most of the Brown Skin Women team adheres to the Clean and Simple regimen? So believe us, we understand what it's like to step into unfamiliar territory with our regimen.

These are challenges that some of our team and our community have faced in the beginning stages of adopting our regimen.

Struggling with consistency. Washing your hair weekly when you've been doing it less frequently for most of your natural hair journey is hard. Most of us were accustomed to washing our hair bi-weekly or once a month. This made wash day a long, exhausting affair. Getting into the mindset of washing your hair weekly is daunting. Are you going to spend 8 hours cleansing and styling your hair every seven days?

That isn't the case! Washing your hair routinely will eventually turn your wash days into a "wash hour." It's also perfectly okay to push back your wash day if you miss it. This regimen isn't about perfection, it's about fostering a better relationship with your hair. If you used to wash your hair once a month and you've started cleansing two or three times a month, you're on the right track. Give yourself grace!

Your hair feels strange. If you've ditched the raw oils and heavy butters, your hair is going through a detox phase (hence the course's name.) Members of our team and curlfriends have expressed their hair feeling dry and lacking the softness they've become accustomed to. In short, the hair isn't absorbing water well yet because of buildup. Oils and heavy butters repel water, making it difficult or impossible for water to penetrate the hair shaft. With consistent cleansing, the buildup will be washed away and the hair will readily accept water and become easily hydrated. This may take weeks or months depending on the state of your hair. We recommend sticking to the regimen and resisting the urge to reach for oils and butters.

Not seeing immediate results. This goes hand-in-hand with the above. Your hair may have to adjust to the new regimen before the results are to your taste. If you cleanse your hair frequently and use Carmen's styling techniques, you'll start to see improvement in your hair over time. Most of our curlfriends and members of our team saw the difference in their hair after a few weeks, even if the detox phase wasn't complete.

A lack of a support system. Depending on your friends, family, and overall environment, people may not understand the change in your regimen. Your morale may take a hit if you're dealing with negative or doubtful comments from your loved ones as you try something new. If you're worried about a lack of community and support, we suggest joining Tight Curlfriends. Our virtual community is active and full of naturals at different stages of the Clean and Simple regimen. It's a safe space where you can post pictures, share your successes and struggles, and ask for help without fear of judgment. This is also a space where you can ask our founder for help!

We're Here as a Resource for Your Natural Hair Journey

Brown Skin Women aims to be a company that you can rely on for straightforward, honest information. We want to make natural hair care easy and accessible. Remember to check out our free resources if you want to start simplifying you hair regimen. Our Natural Hair webinar and Hair Product Guide are free and available now!


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