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Work Life : Episode 1 – Weekly Meal Prep, Essential Oils Consultation + How I Create My Graphics & More

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I finally launched (like really launched…meaning my time, equipment, and software investments) my Work Life VLOG. It’s been a long time coming with major setbacks (fear, doubt and even negative energy from peers), all of which I had to overcome.  From certain parts of my personal life as a special needs mom, significant other and friend to various aspects of running a business. I have SO much to offer and realize God blessed me with a voice and a platform…

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My First Experience With Bantu Knots On My Natural Hair

Diary, Natural Hair

If you follow me on my CarmenVeal and/or BrownSkinWomen instagram account you may have already seen some of this past weekends magic.  This was the result of my first ever Bantu knots. A few things: They were TOO tight. I ended up getting a headache. And loosening them as a result. I normally sleep on a silk pillowcase with no bonnet, but for this I wore a satin wrap to help secure them in place. They were not as uncomfortable…

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4 Step Process That’ll Help You Align Your Brand With Success And Staying Focused On Your Goals

Diary, Entrepreneur

Something absolutely AMAZING happens when you focus and become clear on your goals. You say NO to what doesn’t align and yes to what does. This includes trusting your intuition, the first time. Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively about what works, could and doesn’t, is improved greatly. You do it for the cause, not applause. You prioritize you mental health and well-being because you know for a fact separating what you battle personally, from how you show up…

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Goal Digging Women: Faith Hunter, Spiritually Fly Yoga and Meditation Instructor & Pioneer in DC

Goal Digging Women

Goal Digging Women features amazing women across the globe who are doing remarkable admirable work. It is with great pleasure I bring to you someone who literally opened my soul right up. Prior to a powerful three-way conversation for this feature, I studied this Pioneer Woman and inspiring Soul Faith Hunter on her website and social media outlets. The power of the #BlackYogi (hashtag) allowed me to connect with all the magic Faith puts out and into the Universe. On…

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There Is No Real Separation Between Personal And Work Life


I have read so many stories lately about medical workers on ALL levels getting caught harming people who are in their care.  This is such a touchy subject for me because I witnessed it, and fight until the end to protect the one person I would do and give anything in this world for (read my life as a special needs mom HERE). So many of these “professionals” are regular people who are just damaged at their core. Myself and…

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A Mindset Shift from “Me” and Mine to “Us” and Ours


I’ve been on a mission to lift as many of my sisters up as I grow. It didn’t always work, each time sending me back to the drawing board. I understood support and uplifting on a higher level, and refused to let go of this vision. Not just to share inspiration but also to CREATE opportunities for my sisters to connect and grow. The journey though, was FULL of setbacks forcing me to accept the fact that I can’t make…

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