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Goal Digging Women: Yolonda Turner, Owner of Cupcake Fetish in Missouri

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One of the Universe’s greatest gifts to us all is the corner of the internet that shines an intimate light on magical beings.  There are so many amazing brands and goal digging women business owners making strides, and achieving inspiring goals across the globe.  Thanks to Instagram I’ve been connected to one in particular who adds creativity and sweetness to my timeline. This time around, I’m making way to Florissant, Missouri for a behind-the-scenes look at Goal Digging Woman Yolonda…

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Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself

Values, Wellness

After a crippling break up (a few years ago) I became obsessed with trying to love myself. Like REALLY love myself, the way I wanted to be loved by someone else.  I was in so much internal pain. Like there was a huge, gaping hole in my heart.  I posted this photo on social media with the caption “beach”. When in actuality I didn’t even want to be there, as I felt like complete shet.  Looking back, I needed the…

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Monday Motivation: culture, sisterhood, and special announcement

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Sprinkles of Black Girl Magic. Dipped in chocolate. Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty. My lord, she’s a black woman. -Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan The beautiful brown skin women in this network members only group on Facebook showed up.  They always do.  I have been looking forward to today! And the perfect weekend helped prepare me for it.  Culture. The annual jazz festival for me is always full of love, art, soothing tunes, huge smiles, family,…

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Who Will Revere the Black Woman?

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Mark Twain said, in effect, that when a country enslaves a people, the first necessary job is to make the world feel that the people to be enslaved are sub-human. The next job is to make his fellow-countrymen believe that man is inferior and then, the unkindest cut of all is to make that man believe himself inferior. A good job has been done in this country, as far as convincing them of their inferiority is concerned. The general white…

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Embrace Your Enoughness

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What’s it like to go through life thinking you’re not quite enough—defective, flawed? Most of us know EXACTLY how that feels. And what happens when we believe the lie? I’ll tell you what happens… We become “strong” but suffer in silence. And we settle. You are enough. You are incredibly naturally powerful. A strong force to be reckoned with. DIVINE. A Goddess with the magic of being and doing amazing things. NATURALLY. It’s Soul deep. A GOAL DIGGER with the…

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Monday Motivation 

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Happy Monday! Did you hear my exciting news!? I announced the launch of Naturals Who Network, and the feedback, inquiries and registrations are all dynamic.   It’s exciting! I vowed to live with pure intention and to create conscious communities on and offline. I’ve scaled back A LOT with most of the networks events (brunch, book clubs, workshops, etc.) to concentrate and focus on the annual Expos (2018 dates are set 😊) and now Naturals Who Network events offered nationwide. Here…

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