7 absolute truths and gentle reminders about life 

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Sometimes material things provide us gentle reminders and powerful life lessons. These experiences have the ability to shape us if we let them.  On Instagram I shared posts highlighting a beautiful wedding I attended with my love this past weekend.  It was pretty amazing because love is inspiring.  It (the wedding) also served me a powerful lesson through an edible (of all things). For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved the idea of macaroons because they’re adorable…until I tried…

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How I overcame fear PLUS bonus Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo Ticket Giveaway

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Three years ago I decided to plan the largest event I’d ever planned.  It would be an event for women of color to convene, support, love and share positive energy with one another.  I had fear and doubts that it wouldn’t go according to plan.  Because why would overcoming my own self fear and doubt go off without a hitch?! I assumed the worst of everything…only a few women would show up and the many amazing businesses who invested their…

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Entrepreneur: Email etiquette, Bcc, reply to all abuse & more

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Dear Entrepreneurs (and everyone else), when sending emails to a massive list of folks, please add everyone to the “Bcc” section.  Which means blind carbon copy: a copy of an email sent to someone whose name and address isn’t visible to other recipients. This (Bcc field) can be found beneath the To and Cc fields in the email. Otherwise, you’re basically giving up your entire email list. Which is equivalent to giving out personal cell phone numbers without confirming it’s OK to…

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Entrepreneur: why you MUST effectively market your business, and how


Dear Entrepreneurs, if you’re only marketing your products/services to your family and friends/personal Facebook page, you’re doing yourself and businesses growth a MAJOR disservice.  If you build it, they will NOT just come.  You have to actually work for it and then they will come. In part two of this Entrepreneurs Series, I will explore some highly effective marketing tools I have used within my business.  In case you missed part one which explored how to successfully land event sponsorship,…

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In LOVE with my new Organic Makeup Remover regimen

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A few weeks ago I removed my makeup using coconut oil and cotton balls after running out of my Neutrogena Makeup Wipes.  Intrigued I flipped the package over and was a bit deterred.  Never again will I waste money on makeup remover wipes full of ingredients I can’t even pronounce. I shared this status and a swarm of pretty awesome friends chimed in.  One schooling me on ditching the cotton balls and replacing them with organic reusable rounds.  She provided…

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Being FREE. We are not our struggles, our temporary emotions or life’s challenges

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Can I just tell you how mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically FREE I am with who I am!?  No that does not mean my world is perfect (quite the contrary because life…I’m growing through some seasonal ish as I write this and it sucks).  On the inside, I feel free. Free of fear of everything: failure, setbacks, negativity, external forces and especially my own thoughts.  I’m no longer afraid to call ish what it is.  I no longer have time…

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