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Black Women Who Value Values

Black women who value values are easily recognizable in society by their goals and achievements because of the coordination of their life and work; the deliberateness of their actions and the intentionality of their plans.

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4 Of The Most Underrated Best Practices For Your Natural Hair

We go natural for many reasons, some of us because we want to embrace who we really are and others because of challenges with relaxers. I love the fact that we are naturals embracing our beautiful hair in it’s natural state but as a stylist I see not everyone is doing it right. So I am here to share with you four key and common areas that will help.

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The Line In Between

What do we do with the Line – The Line In Between. I was born in 1965, which means when I die, on my tombstone or plaque it will read the month and year I was born, followed by a line, and then the year I died. That is the line we have to fill living our purpose – The Line In Between.

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

When you’re parenting your kids, you really should pay attention to the lessons you’re giving them. One of the things I pay attention to is if I’m saying this to Bella, my daughter, then my question to myself is, am I practicing what I’m preaching? As parents a lot of times we’ll say stuff to our kids, and we’re not practicing it. We’re not doing it ourselves.

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Naturals Who Network in Hartford

February Spotlight: Brown Skin Women & Black Owned Businesses

I’m humbled by the incredible women who are in my life and I’d be remiss if I didn’t brag about the many dope Brown Skin Women who are apart of my network. In Our Community we talk about what makes us who we are, our strengths, our weaknesses, our highs, our lows. A series of conversations without our masks.

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It was an AMAZING and very informative event. I can't wait until the next one and to start to practice some things which I've learned. From the time I walked in until I walked out I felt like family. Thanks so much to everyone for an awesome experience!

-Shirley Garland-Mclaurin, Member