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It’s OK to not have it all together, just own your truth while goal digging the life you imagine


From time to time I dive knee deep into areas of my personal life as a mom, significant other, event planner and blogger. Brown Skin Women essentially started as my virtual diary, which rings true today allowing me to highlight one authentic truth: transparency.  I have been a goal digging, growing a ton…and I’m proud of myself for making the self investment through therapy.  It’s encouraged me to own my truths and share these truths with this network. Most of…

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A Tale of Two Brown Skin Women: A Therapistโ€™s Journey to Therapy

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“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. ” 2016 was, without a doubt, the most emotionally full year of my life. I celebrated my 30th birthday. I obtained one of the most prestigious research fellowships in the nation. I finished my PhD in clinical psychology. Heck, I was on Wheel of Fortune. But, I also lost the “only girl in the world that know me best” as Kanye West would say. On April 12, 2016,…

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Monday Motivation: Staying in your lane, Black health matters + when doing what you love works

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I can’t begin Monday Motivation without shouting out the Black Girl Selfie Sunday Magic we share in our secret group on Facebook. Do ordinary things with extraordinary love. I have this posted on my wall in my living room. I hung it there about 5 years ago and have a much more enhanced connection to it in my life today, then I did half a decade ago. ย I was reminded of doing extraordinary things with love this weekend on my…

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It’s a surprise: Brown Skin Women is turning 4 and you’re invited


SWOON! Like legitimately head over heels in happiness and love for my blog baby who started as a desire to archive my transition to natural living. Turned into this amazing space and dynamic energy for women and girls of color to CONNECT (Conscious. Open-hearted. Naturals. Networking. Educating. Connecting. Together.). So, it’s ONLY right we enhance and expand in a MAJOR way…     The time has come for Brown Skin Women to be a big sister to a brand that…

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The Face of Depression

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On my 28th birthday, I jumped out of a plane. I had been saving up for it and was really excited to cross it off my bucket list. (I had also been thoroughly researching the site for which I purchased the Groupon and realized I had only about a 2% chance of splattering to the ground, so I said f*ck it. Let’s roll.) My pictures show my progression of thoughts: You crazy. Oh you real crazy. Are you sure you…

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Goal Digging Women: Jazzmine Pertillar, Owner of Styled By Jazz

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The only thing I love more than supporting Black Women in business and finding new amazing products is doing both at the same time! While both hosting and attending events in the Greater Hartford, CT area I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a talented and creative designer whose unique pieces are refreshing and eye-catching. Jazzmine Pertillar of Styled By Jazz has found a way to create her own niche during the current influx in appreciation for African fashion and culture.…

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