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Carmen swimming with Dolphin Fiona in Bahamas January 2017

I created Brown Skin Women as a personal blog, to document my journey as I transformed my life through natural hair, self-love and mental wellness.  Post navigating anxiety, depression and owning my truth I decided to design my life through creating a bucket list, I discovered a life of living intentionally and desired to encourage black women and girls to do the same.

Since then, it has grown into a supportive community of women who are committed to pursuing similar goals.  I use my professional experience as an events + marketing specialist to connect everyday women and amazing brands.  Learn more about my professional world on my website here.  Here is my personal story…

The things we constantly complain about/hurt over (ain’t sh*t women/men, being bored/having nothing to do, female/male friends who gossip all of the time, dead-end jobs, etc.) are likely things you are attracting/contributing to.

I grew up poor, had my now 14-year-old developmentally delayed daughter named Sania at age 17, became a forced sole mom by the time she was four, dated “ain’t sh*t men”over and over again, worked minimum wage jobs, lived in drug/crime infested neighborhoods, had a horrible diet, enjoyed time with friends whose idea of fun was getting high (weed), drinking, clubbing on the weekends and gossiping about other people all of the time.

I could go on.

I wanted more out of my life.  Help for myself and my daughter.

I started to see a therapist, taking yoga and meditation classes, attended college, started going to theaters and live musical performances (jazz), reading books unrelated to my studies, moved into a better neighborhood and as a result made new friends and gave a stiff middle finger to the medias European standard of beauty.

I got involved in areas within the community that I enjoyed, was passionate about and could possibly impact.

Eventually learning to care more about what myself and Sania was exposed to became a thing.

I cared less about holding on to things/people/experiences that robbed me of having a quality life. I began to attract better quality everything into my life as a result. Things that aligned with the woman I had become and the lifestyle I had chosen.

My life today is peaceful. Still challenging in some ways because life is life…but peaceful. The moral here is this: If you change your mindset, you WILL change your life.

Since creating Brown Skin Women in 2013, I’ve taken women and girls on this natural living self-loving journey with me.  Exploring very intimate details into my life, setbacks and growth.  I’ve started three businesses, the most successful one being my Events + Marketing firm.  I proudly support three amazing local nonprofit organizations that sit near and dear to my heart (Night Fall, Bushnell Park and RiseUP).

I have evolved.  My story continues to inspire and encourage women and girls to become Goal Digging Women.  This magic is just the beginning of my evolution and journeying through my never-ending bucket list.  


  • I’m 1 of 11 children. I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers (of which we all lived in the same household). I am the “middle” child.
  • I attended modeling school while in High School. It has taught me A LOT of what I apply in my life today.
  • I left my heart in Monaco while vacationing Europe. I was life changing.
  • I went swimming with dolphins in Bahamas which was the most amazing experience to date. 
  • I was a chosen volunteer during the 57th Presidential Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama.

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