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Carmen swimming with Dolphin Fiona in Bahamas January 2017

I created Brown Skin Women as a personal blog, to document my journey as I transitioned to embrace my hair in its natural state. Miraculously, my world quickly transformed into one inspired by self-love and mental wellness.  If I was able to change my relationship with myself (the way I felt about myself, how I treated my body, navigate through anxiety and depression) so could anyone else.  I become obsessed with a life of living intentionally, and desired to encourage black women and girls to do the same.

Since then, my blog has grown into a supportive community for women who are committed to pursuing similar goals.  The network quickly became a conscious community for women and girls who craved connections with herself and other like-minded beings. 


Carmen with daughter Sania

I grew up on welfare and in public housing, had my now 14-year-old developmentally delayed daughter (Sania) at age 17, became a forced sole mom by the time she was four, dated “ain’t shit” men over and over again, worked minimum wage jobs, lived in drug/crime infested neighborhoods, had a horrible diet, enjoyed time with friends whose idea of fun was getting high (weed), drinking, clubbing on the weekends and gossiping about other people all of the time.

My natural living journey helped me realize it was me all along.  I was the glue contributing to my struggle, attracting the very things I truly did not want. 

My goal became a desire to gain more out of life, for myself and Sania.

I began to see a therapist (in secret out of fear of what my relatives and friends would think about me), taking yoga and meditation classes (choosing to overlook the fact that I was usually the only black person present), attended college, started going to theaters and live musical performances (jazz), reading books unrelated to my studies, moved into a better neighborhood and as a result made new friends.  I got involved in areas within the community that I enjoyed, was passionate about and could possibly impact.

I had already given a stiff middle finger to the medias European standard of beauty, so the road to achieving my goal was well on its way.

Eventually my goal continued to evolve.  I cared more about what myself and Sania was exposed to.  I cared less about holding on to things/people/experiences that robbed me of having a quality life.  I began to attract better quality everything into my life as a result. Things that aligned with the woman I had become and the lifestyle I had chosen.

My life today is peaceful. Still challenging in many ways because life is life…but peaceful.

The moral here is this: If you change your mindset, you WILL change your life.

I have evolved. Extending my passion project turned lifestyle into a sacred and conscious community for Brown Skin Women, Naturals Who Network and Goal Digging Women.  


  • I’m 1 of 11 children. I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers. I am the “middle” child.
  • I attended modeling school while in High School. It has taught me A LOT (etiquette, appearance, confidence, etc.) of what I apply in my life today.
  • I created a bucket list years ago that allowed me to have life changing experiences (visiting a physics…twice, fire walking…twice, visiting Europe, swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas, falling in love).
  • I was a chosen volunteer during the 57th Presidential Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama.
  • I attended Dr. Martin Luther Kings 50th March on Washington, honoring the Anniversary of his legacy and I Have A Dream Speech.  It was life changing experience that inspired this blog to become Brown Skin Women.

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