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Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo in Hartford, CT

June 2, 2018


A signature annual Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo in cities across Connecticut. Proceeds help fund our youth programs.


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We facilitate experiences that connect young ladies ages 12-19 with mentors who prioritize natural living and commitment to service. 

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Don’t Accommodate Mediocrity

When I could no longer tolerate my own excuses, patterns, and procrastination, or drama, change happened. When I was finally willing to be straight with myself and admit that I was settling for mediocre results (relationships, friendships, partnerships) and that I was cooperating with the part of myself that tells me to play small, be safe, and sell out, i was already half way there.

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A simple activity to help you grow when you’re stuck

There is no roadmap towards the path that is mental freedom, but there are resources to help you build your own road as you’re driving. In this video and free focus and grow planner, I outline a common challenge and how to overcome it. What’s in it for you is the ability to achieve the results you’re craving for your own focus and growth WITHOUT suffering through the roadblocks you’re currently facing.

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STOP RUNNING! How to Break Reoccurring Unproductive and Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally Damaging Patterns in Your Life

STOP RUNNING! How to Break Reoccurring Unproductive and Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally Damaging Patterns in Your Life

My whole life I’ve seen repeated patterns; things that I do over and over. I heard recently: stop running. Wherever you go, you’re still there. People may change, the job may change, the location may change, but you’re still there. You’re still the one common factor. If you end up in the same situation, there’s probably a reason why you’re in that same situation again and again. It’s most likely because of something about you; something in your character or something that you’re doing that you need to change.

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Black Women Who Value Values

Black women who value values are easily recognizable in society by their goals and achievements because of the coordination of their life and work; the deliberateness of their actions and the intentionality of their plans.

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It was an AMAZING and very informative event. I can't wait until the next one and to start to practice some things which I've learned. From the time I walked in until I walked out I felt like family. Thanks so much to everyone for an awesome experience!

-Shirley Garland-Mclaurin, Member

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