Fast Pass

Thank you for purchasing the Fast Pass!

I am forever grateful and thankful of you for believing in my mission and vision for Brown Skin Women, and wanting to be apart of this network. I created the Fast Pass for guests not looking to commit to a longer term membership, but interested in participating and saving. As a bonus, your Fast Pass grants you access to the members club at the CLASSIC level :).
Discount Codes

Use discount code FPANYTWO for 2 VIP tickets (expo) $40 value

Use code FPCONF for $20 off any conference

Use code FPMEVENT for 4 general admission tickets to any minor BSW event

Use code FPMAEVENT for $10 off special events

The Fast Pass includes

  • 2 VIP tickets to any major BSW events (Expos)  -$40 value
  • $20 OFF any Conference -normal rate of $50 per event
  • 4 FREE general tickets to any minor BSW event (monthly happy hour events) -$20 value
  • $10 OFF any two BSW special events (brunchworkshop paint night)
  • $10 OFF any two BSW hair bar services
Alert! If you haven't already, go ahead and create your CLASSIC level membership on the Become A Member Page or below. If you are already a CLASSIC level member, login to create your account profile and manage your fast pass activity. *Please note* after registering you will be be directed to access a ton of freebies and goodies available only to members. I look forward to seeing you on the inside soon!