If you landed here that means you are interested in starting a business or have started and are looking for support in various areas of being your own boss.  The struggle is real.  I know because I've struggled for the first five years (I launched in 2009).  I wasn't fortunate enought to gain a mentor until 6 years into my business and so I had to figure a lot out on my own. My mentor eventually became the icing on the cake supporting me through starting and running my event planning firm (learn more here) and up until his passing, launching my events and beauty showroom (learn more here).

If you are challeged by:

  • Motivation- need the support to give you the push you need
  • Marketing- help making sense of it and how to apply it effectively within your business
  • Accountability- overcoming procrastination and getting your tasks done in a productive consistent matter
  • Support- a community that wants to see you succeed

than the Brown Skin Women Entrepreneur's Club is for you!  After owning a parent company (Sani Auri) and developing a plethora of sister companies beneath it (non profit, event planning firm, events showroom and successful blog) I have a lot to give back to women who are walking my walk.

The club offereings are open to all but members can access the perks at NO additional cost.  Learn more about the membership club levels here.