Natural Hair Partner: Debbie McDonald

Here at Brown Skin Women, we embrace all aspects of wellness through the lens of leading experts and official partners equipped to help us properly care for ourselves from the inside out! We are thrilled to share with you our official Natural Hair Partner, Debbie McDonald.

(Hairstyles done by our Partner, Debbie)

Let’s Talk Hair!

Debbie shares unfiltered, need to know information that not only informs but educates us on the best practices for our natural hair! 

Split Ends

We have any where from 1 type of split ends up to 15 different types of split ends. Some of them you can see with the natural eye and others you can only see microscopically. For healthy hair it is imperative that you trim your ends seasonally.

Protective Styles

Are protective styles always protective? In some cases we only protect our hair and not our scalps. With wearing protective styles you want to make sure that you are watching the tension, cleansing, and hydration of the scalp. Once you have damaged the follicles of the scalp it is very hard, next to impossible, to regenerate the follicles on the scalp.


Conditioners should not be used to co-wash hair. They are created to condition the hair. When you use a conditioner to co-wash the hair it will attract dirt and build up; not only on the hair but also on the scalp. This will cause the scalp follicles to have build up, and produce hair growth at a slower rate.

Color Treated Hair

When I say color I think commitment. Coloring your hair is really a marriage, to hydration and moisture balancing the hair. Hydration not only comes fro dousing your hair with oil, but also making sure that you have treated your hair with protein to locking in moisture. These are some of the steps to making the marriage to hair color work.



Debbie McDonald is the Owner of Hair We Go Studios & official Brown Skin Women Partner in Natural Hair! She is a 21st century Hair Technician, who has the old world belief, with over 22 years of ongoing dedication, to customer relations and satisfaction in the hair industry. Debbie is a certified Design Essentials Technician.

From early on in her career Debbie realized that good education is key to a successful life and career. At the age of 12, Debby found herself serving as the hair dresser for her family and friends. As Debbie got older, she realized that making someone look beautiful was more than just a job; it became a fulfilling and life-changing experience. Know that she had the power to effect positive change in someone else’s life, through the art of terse and mane utilization, this became the catalyst and inspiration to continue to provide the clients with that experience each and every time. 

The passion that drives Debbie is realizing that it is a gift to take a head of hair that seems insignificant and ordinary to that individual, and transform their mane into a phenomenal compliment to one self. Debbie obligation to the Beauty Industry is to always preserve the essence of that beauty really means. True beauty begins within the should, then the mind and last and definitely not least, our bodies.


When Debbie isn’t facilitating workshops and live demos at our annual Brown Skin Women Expos, she’s providing professional hair services at her beautiful salon located 1025 Bluehills Avenue in Bloomfield CT!