You Are Allowed To Be Both A Work In Progress And A Masterpiece, Simultaneously 

The first part of 2017 was full of experiences that would make anyone want to climb under a rock. 

Those experiences that hurt and hardens you. It’s been a year of lessons. 

A series of them that proved you can show up for yourself and others when your strength permits. When it doesn’t you must focus on YOU and prioritize filling YOUR own cup.

Don’t give up.

Honor your intuition.

No is a complete sentence.

Everything is energy.

Share you gift(s).

Celebrate your wins (small and big).

You are beautiful (in case you needed a reminder).

Every flower must grow through dirt.

Have faith in what will be.

Be comfortable with your own voice.

You can celebrate yourself without putting the next woman down.

Practice a little harder putting yourself at the top of your priority list.

Don’t let anyone dull your shine.

Thankful for the struggles for without them I wouldn’t know my strengths.

Honor your intuition.

Lift as she climbs.

Sometimes you just outgrow people.

Invest in yourself.

Persevere until you succeed.

I am allowed to be both a work of art and masterpiece, simultaneously.

It is to this end in 2018, rather than making big, huge, life altering plans and goals, I’m focusing on me. It’s going to be my year of self-development.

I want to feel grounded.

I want to feel centered.

I want to feel confident.

I want to feel connected.

I want to be more self-aware.

I want to be conscious and compassionate.

I want to feel unconditionally happy.

I want to, deep down in my soul, find self-acceptance.

If you’re anything like me and can resonate to any of these self-revelations, join me and other Brown Skin Women on our 2018 Year Of Self journey. You can register here

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