Why you should invest in the help you need

Plan to fail.

Saturday was my big little lady Sania’s 14th birthday.  I had her young (age 17) and recall planning how our mom to daughter age ratio would be so cool.  She’d be this bright teenage girl with a successful still young mom who would share an admirable relationship.  I was literally 17 planning and picturing this.



My reality turned out to be nothing like I imagined yet unique and special in its own way.  She is the light of my world and the love I dreamt of is much stronger than I’d ever imagined.

I never lost the desire to be the best mom I could be, and provide her the best life I could provide.  So while my plan didn’t happen exactly as I originally imagined (find out why here), I worked towards a goal.  One that has supported my personal and professional growth.  And allowed me to become the best possible version of myself.

The highlight being finding the courage to ask for help.  Literally investing in the help I needed in order to give the love and support Sania and the world needs from me.

And that is the glue.  Goal dig…and let the chips fall where they may.

No matter where you are in your life….plan to fail or fail to plan.  The setbacks will be worth it.  The choice will always be yours.



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