When you are keenly aware of your thoughts and feelings

Life is interesting. 

Travel and adventure are eye opening, life changing and enlightening. 

I am currently traveling with my love (currently in Melbourne Beach, Fl…next destination is a surprise), seeing things from new eyes and different perspectives. 

While in this space unexpected, painful news has erupted in my world and I am applying meditative techniques to begin to heal from them.  Immediately. 

Being here on the beach, with seashells and the ocean are simple yet powerful “things” and reminders that further encourages me to be present.  Take life in in strides.  Which brings me to my next point…what happens when we are keenly aware of our thoughts and feelings.

While taking my time to complete my transformational meditation training I am encouraged to pay much more attention to things and actions. How what we are surrounded by impacts how and where we are. 

Having this awareness of my thoughts and feelings, I developed the ability to choose how i respond in this (and any) given situation, rather than just reacting. 

And for that (growth and awareness) I am thankful…for the universe giving me exactly what I need exactly when I need it. 

As a single mom and entrepreneur, I rely not only on the healing power of meditation, but also on resources.  

One of my favorites is a 60 second meditation tool that allows you to enter a thought or feeling into a jar, and meditate your way through receiving the stress surrounding it.  It’s powerful and has been one of my secret weapons for some time.  It’s allowed me to push through the weight of life and focus on the lesson in the experience.

To date, I acknowledge and recognize this as self growth and maturation.  And understanding of life and its ability to impose change on circumstances.  Always for our best interest.  

Growth is eternal for each of us.  Embrace it.

Give the Pixel Thoughts tool a try by clicking here, it only takes 60 seconds of your time ;). 

I hope you are well and that love follows you wherever you may go. 
Oh, and Happy 2017 ;)! 


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