What Special Needs Mommy-hood Taught Me About Self-Care, Becoming A Better Woman And Entrepreneur

Ever wonder how you’re going to get through one hell of a bind that is making you stress and question “why me” to yourself and even God?

What if it was because you were a sole/single mom struggling to show up for yourself like alone your Little’s who are relying on you?

What if this was as a result of your full time job, somewhat stable household and overall happiness being negatively impacted forcing you to climb into a deep (silent) depression?

What Special Needs Mommy-hood Taught Me About Self-Care, Becoming A Better Woman And Entrepreneur

This was me for over four years and if you have been there, well my sympathies because I would not wish that painful reality on my worst enemy.

This week my little lady (Sania) caught a sinus infection I had the week prior. It was a shocker because neither of us have gotten sick in literally 3-4 years. Anywho, I kept her home from school on Tuesday. I pushed back my conference calls to take her to see her pediatrician, because a kid with special needs means every little thing MUST be a priority to catch and hopefully prevent a more serious illness (like pneumonia). I decided last minute to keep her home again on Wednesday as she was still not 100% herself.

So Thursday rolls around, no school due to the snow storm. Then Friday, same thing. I’m sitting here on Saturday and it just dawned on me there was a period in time when this week would have literally caused me to break down (silently hurting and suffering). I couldn’t hold down a steady corporate job because her health condition worsened forcing me to call out and leave early constantly. Back then this was a sign of inevitably losing my job. As a sole Mom, at the time, our lives was tough. So realistically my only resource was state assistance because reality was I couldn’t commit to working full time consistent hours. The support didn’t exist nor the finances to pay for it.

Fast forward to now. I own a business that allows me to work from the comfort of my own home, allowing me to put my little Ladies needs first, travel when I want for however long I want. An incredible significant other that I’m blessed to call my partner and father figure to Sania. And a bank account that is higher than it has EVER been.

During my Year Of Self meditation session I reflected on how far I have come and also how you can too. How if we hold on AND push ourselves towards being a better version of ourselves, God will open doors no man can close. If I can Journey through the battles I have and come out a better version on the other side, so can you. Allow your test to become your testimony. Faith will take us further than any pain, doubt or fear ever could.

Imagine how your life will change when you get really clear on your personal and professional goals, then have the knowledge tools and resources to help you organize and executive effortlessly.   What would it feel like to not worry about these essential moving parts so that you can focus on being a masterpiece AND a work in progress, simultaneously? Or even the proud owner of a successful business?

What’s in it for you is the ability to achieve the results you’re craving for yourself and your business, WITHOUT suffering the roadblocks you’re currently facing.

At the next Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo in Bridgeport, CT I’ll be facilitating a workshop about blogging, entrepreneurship and mommy-hood. If you’re in or near bridgeport, CT on Saturday March 3, 2018, join me ;). Learn more and register HERE.

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