Wake Pray Slay Challenge

I have learned to always look within.

What’s really stopping me? What’s really the driving force behind my actions and thoughts? What’s blocking my blessing?
I don’t plan to ever settle on survival alone. It isn’t enough. Striving however, is equivalent to growth. Which starts on the inside.
We have to learn to trust what God blocks. And know that no matter who or where we are, we can’t have really high highs without having really low lows.
My desire and end goal in life is to deepen my relationship with God.
I “slay” most of the time (when life doesn’t slow me down) but I don’t always pray. I was raised in church. I’m a spiritual being with an intimate relationship with God. I know the value of prayer. More importantly, I know the value in constantly working towards being the best possible version of myself. Here continues my road of transformation.

Each and every one of us have a story.  My own consists a series of lessons like learning to no longer be at war with myself, embracing my life as a special needs mom, and now journeying through how love found me after I found myself.  

We’ve all been hurt in one way or another.  We have, to some extent… be it unconsciously or consciously, hurt others.  We carry all of this energy through our lives impacting unrelated areas.  What I’ve come to learn is we can ALL grow.  And through prayer and mediation we can do so from a place of deeper intention.

So here’s to our group 21 day #bswwakeprayslaychallenge to further enforce the intention and action or sharing space with God and one another. And I want you to join me because together united, divided apart.
First, sign up by RSVP’g via the calendar below. You will automatically be signed up for our weekly devotional prayer call on Sunday evenings at 7pm which will be led by amazing woman of Faith, Love & Kindness, and one I am proud to call a business partner and friend, Debbie McDonald, Owner of Hair We Go Studios.
For daily support and inspiration join the event over in the secret group on Facebook here. Use the official #bswwakeprayslaychallenge on instagram.
Ladies, I’m SO ready for this!

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