Wake Pray Slay


Do this.  Like actually do this.

I wake up every morning.  I “slay” most of the time (when life doesn’t slow me down) but I don’t always pray.  I was raised in church.  I know the value of prayer.  More importantly, I know the value in constantly working to be the best possible version of myself.  Here continues my road of transformation.

I decided to start a 30 day #wakeprayslaychallenge to see just how the intention and action can positively impact my world and I want you to join me.  Starting this morning (Saturday November 5, 2016):I set a #wakeprayslay reminder in my phone and on my fitbit to remind myself to pray, because who am I kidding…I’ll totally forget.  There will be NO excuses.

  1. Join me by committing to take the challenge.  
  2. You MUST be at least a CLASSIC level member (FREE- join here)
  3. In a comment below share that you’re joining, you can join at any time.
  4. Then head over to this #wakeprayslay event in our secret Brown Skin Women group on Facebook  You must be apart of the group to see the content so send a request to join here.
  5. Daily, we (the Brown Skin Women Community) will update our progress and share inspiration with one another in the event’s comment section.   

#wakeprayslay to set intentions and attract positive energy into our day and ultimately our lives. I’m so ready for this!


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