There Is No Real Separation Between Personal And Work Life

I have read so many stories lately about medical workers on ALL levels getting caught harming people who are in their care. 

This is such a touchy subject for me because I witnessed it, and fight until the end to protect the one person I would do and give anything in this world for (read my life as a special needs mom HERE).

So many of these “professionals” are regular people who are just damaged at their core. Myself and Sania, like many others, rely on these people for support. 

I used to meditate over trying to understand why people can be so cruel. As naive as I once was (courtesy of not being completely conscious of the evil world we live in), I now realize EVERYONE is struggling with some thing(s). A lot undiagnosed and most untreated. And we’re going out into the world subjecting and scarring others with these wounds. 

Life is tough and it hardens us over time. Eventually fragments of those experiences combine and becomes apart of who we are. 

There is no true separation between personal and work life. We have to hold ourselves and other people accountable. 

Ruin is tough to overcome, but not impossible. 

Protect your loved ones. 

And if you’re struggling, GET HELP. 

This world needs more love. And that love must start within ourselves.


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    September 17, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Very true. Especially harmful in the realm of healthcare where we are supposed to enhance the healing of others. I just published a book for healthcare workers on cultivating compassion within in order to extend it to the people we serve. So sorry for what you and Sania may have experienced and grateful for your willingness to share as it serves as confirmation for my own purpose-changing healthcare from the inside out. Thank you.

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      Carmen//Brown Skin Women
      September 18, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      Thank yo so much for your kind words and for sharing. This book sounds incredible! Please email me with more. It is SUCH an important topic!

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