The things that hurt and drag us repeatedly are likely things we attract and contribute to

I’m probably going to trigger unfavorable feelings/reaction in some people by saying this (I am NOT trying to hurt/upset/attack anyone…this is an if the shoe fits wear it sort of thing coming from a place of love).

The things we constantly complain about/hurt over (ain’t sh*t women/men, being bored/having nothing to do, female/male friends who gossip all of the time, dead-end jobs, etc.) are likely things you are attracting/contributing to.

I am speaking from EXPERIENCE.

I grew up poor, had a baby at 17 (Sania), became a forced single/sole mom by the time she was four, dated “ain’t sh*t men”…over and over again, worked minimum wage jobs, lived in drug/crime infested neighborhoods, had a horrible diet, enjoyed time with friends whose idea of fun was getting high (weed), drinking, clubbing on the weekends and gossiping about other people all of the time.

I could go on.

Again, this is all from personal experience.

I wanted more out of my life.

I started to see a therapist, taking yoga and meditation classes, attended college, started going to theaters and live musical performances (jazz), reading books unrelated to my studies, moved into a better neighborhood and as a result made new friends, gave a stiff middle finger to the medias European standard of beauty.

I got involved in areas within the community that I enjoyed, was passionate about and could possibly impact. Eventually learning to care more about what myself and Sania was exposed to became a thing.

I cared less about holding on to things/people/experiences that robbed me of having a quality life.

I began to attract better quality everything into my life as a result.

Things that aligned with the woman I had become and the lifestyle I had chosen.

My life today is peaceful. Still challenging in some ways because life is life…but peaceful.

The moral here is this: If you change your mindset, you WILL change your life.

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