The Line In Between

What do we do with the Line – The Line In Between. I was born in 1965, which means when I die, on my tombstone or plaque it will read the month and year I was born, followed by a line, and then the year I died. That is the line we have to fill living our purpose – The Line In Between.

Today I read a story about a young lady who committed suicide. It was written by a very talented young man in his twenties – a friend’s son. When you read or hear such news there is always a shock, and we always ask “Why”. No one can answer this question, and the one person who can no longer has the ability to do so. And so we are left with this emptiness, sadness, and loss. The author of the story I read decided to not get stuck on the emotions, but to learn that life is short. What a gift to learn this so early – so young.

As a woman who has worked with older adults, death and dying is a topic I think about almost every day. Living life to the fullest is very important to me, which includes saying I am sorry, forgiving, and loving my family and friends. Your awareness that life is not permanent is heightened and the little things do matter more – you pay attention to the moments, where you feel happy, at peace, joy, strong, inspired, and more.

I truly value life now, and I say “now” because until recently, the way I led my life included not taking care of myself and taking life for granted. Honoring The Line In Between should be something we do daily, and we can begin doing so at any time. As long as there is no date on the other end of the line, we are still here solid and, God willing, physically and mentally able.

This morning I woke up at 5am or so and only had angry thoughts of the day before. These included things that had gone wrong, things I did not like that were said to me, people that were still in my mind abusing me and the relationship I have with them. I laid there for about an hour or more thinking, completely caught up in my head. And then I realized I was wasting time, and I stopped – I did not get up but went back to sleep. I stopped because I realized the mind power I was wasting on the wrong thoughts and that energy could be used for something useful – my purpose, my goal-driven task for the day.

When I finally got up I took on the day differently. I had breakfast with my husband and we talked about life and had fun laughing, went to the gym and worked out my anger on the weights, worked on my business, and hung out with friends. I also read a story about a girl who is no longer here with us because life was too hard for her to make it.

I’ve learned that each day we have choices, but one choice I wish we did not have is whether we decide to live our purpose, live on purpose, live in the moment. I wish it was simply automatic each day – programmed into our minds that we are here for a reason, and it is not lay in bed thinking bad thoughts about a day that has passed.
If one person can read this and take action, that is wonderful.

I learned and took action today. I hope I take action tomorrow. I want to remember this wonderful girl Amanda, who I did not even know, by living my life. I want to start honoring The Line In Between by living life on purpose.

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    Jimmy Conderino
    March 12, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Good luck with your new venture

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    March 13, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Siobhan…great piece..”Wow Thoughts,”

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