The ins and outs of a good natural hair consultation

Do you have a hair style regimen?  Are you ready to learn how to properly care for your hair but don’t know where to start?  Dianna LeFevre, Cosmetologist and Owner of Snip & Style Salon, joins us today to share the In’s & Out’s of a good natural hair consultation.  

  • We discuss client hair history with relaxers, cuts or trims, color, and protective styles, what they would change about their hair and what they would keep.
  • What their hair goals are, preferences about styles and products being currently used. 
  • We also talk about time spent each day on hair. 
  • Hair issues, for example; itching, breaking, scalp, etc., client’s physical health, meds, allergies, hair porosity, elasticity, texture and density.
  • Lastly, length check and picture.

We found out that there is a lot that goes into proper hair care, and that the more you know your hair and body, the better you will be able to take care of your well being.  Whether you book a natural hair consultation in our beauty showroom, or someplace else.  It’s best to know what to expect, accept and appreciate.



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