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There Is No Real Separation Between Personal And Work Life


I have read so many stories lately about medical workers on ALL levels getting caught harming people who are in their care.  This is such a touchy subject for me because I witnessed it, and fight until the end to protect the one person I would do and give anything in this world for (read my life as a special needs mom HERE). So many of these “professionals” are regular people who are just damaged at their core. Myself and…

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Confidence Begins With Curiosity And Courage


My most frequently asked question from others is how do you do it (entrepreneurship success, strides, etc.). I realize now, eight years in, it’s always been confidence. The confidence to show up, willingness to learn and ultimately the ability…

Life is too short to always be at war with yourself


I have become a better, gentler version of myself.  In no particular order as a result of… Losing my dad without getting to tell him I love him one last time.  Ending a life-changing relationship with a verbally abusive…