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A Mindset Shift from “Me” and Mine to “Us” and Ours


I’ve been on a mission to lift as many of my sisters up as I grow. It didn’t always work, each time sending me back to the drawing board. I understood support and uplifting on a higher level, and refused to let go of this vision. Not just to share inspiration but also to CREATE opportunities for my sisters to connect and grow. The journey though, was FULL of setbacks forcing me to accept the fact that I can’t make…

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My 32: a sweeter softer side of life


Last month I turned 32. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the aging thing, but one thing I do accept is the fact that it’s just a number. Focusing on the grand scheme of things aging itself…

She Say: Transparency Over Everything


Transparency Over Everything!  Things will not always go as planned and that’s ok.  People and circumstances will change and what you once shared or planned for, will become a distant memory. Be strong enough to endure the loss yet…