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Her Story: Dayeshell & Abdul Muhammad

Her Story, She Say

All month my husband has been celebrating people around him that he feels is #MakingBlackHistory. Well today I celebrate him. In 2005 he took a risk and started My People Clinical Services, LLC. Over the last 12yrs he has upheld his mission by providing jobs for over 350 black and Hispanic professionals (including many people in his family and mine), financial SUPPORTed people go to college, social causes and businesses to get started. He EMPOWERed many of our employees to…

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Anxiety, depression and owning your truth

Featured, Wellness

I am an advocate for owning my truth. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression. I’ve lived in darkness. Isolating myself and my child from the outside world.  Everyone thinking I was super busy and focused.  I was…just not with…