Seasonal Natural Hair Care: Wash-Moisture Balance-Trim

Calling all DIY (do it yourself) naturals.  We are pleased to share a new service which I think all naturals should utilize.  It’s the process of maintaining natural hair and promoting growth for quarterly split end trimming. This week we sat down and chat with an official BSW Natural Hair Stylist & Design Essentials Educator, Debbie about this new BSW feature.  This is the highlight of what we talked about in steps.

1.      Open up the hair by detangling using DE HCO (moisturizing conditioner).

2.      Hair is sectioned based on thickness and detangled with a wide tooth comb to examine the hair and inspect the scalp.

3.     Use sulfate free shampoo for the shampooing and clarifying process.

4.     Next, hair is treated with conditioner using a custom “cocktail” based on your hair needs (protein/moisture mix) followed by the final step, the trim.  The beauty of the trim is that the proper stylist will not trim ends to get them even but will trim to clear random split ends.  Another bonus is that the proper stylist can trim ends of most hair in its natural state.  On occasion there may be the need to stretch tight curls using heat.  The use of the right heat protector will protect the hair from damage. 

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