Goal Digging Women: Queens of Wigs Yondel Gilfort

There is magic in being a woman chasing after your dreams all while sorting through the blessings and lessons life grants you.  That’s the case with local beauty Yondel Gilfurt, Owner of Queens of Wigs and her newest addition Designed by Del.

Learn more about this amazing brand and exciting expansion that comes with stepping on the other side of fear:

Brown Skin Women: What do you offer? 

Yondel: I empower women of color by eliminating bad hair days and by teaching them how to climb the economic ladder by starting their own beauty business. Current Services: Custom Wig Designing,  Hairstyle Planning,  Wig Making Classes,  and Hair Business Consulting.

Brown Skin Women: Why is this important to you? 

Yondel: This is important to me because I love helping others. More importantly, I get joy by helping others to feel more confident about themselves.

Brown Skin Women: How long have you been in business? 

Yondel: I launched my business 8 years ago but I have always had a passion for hair since I was in Junior High.

Brown Skin Women: What do you want my Brown Skin Women audience to know about you? 

Yondel: I’m a wig empowerment entrepreneur, teacher and mom. I’m passionate about everything that I do and truly believe in female empowerment.

Brown Skin Women: What do you want my Brown Skin Women audience to know about what you offer? 

: I want Brown Skin Women to know what I do is way deeper than just making wigs. I’m changing lives one head at a time. There’s a lot of emotions evolved around hair. Through our wig making services we transform women by helping them to look and feel good and they have versatility. Additionally, we advocate healthy hair and truly believe in building hair esteem amongst women and teens.

Brown Skin Women: What are your greatest challenges? 

Yondel: My greatest challenges are asking for help and balancing family life, business life, and teacher life. Another challenge of mine is asking for help. I’m a go getter and somethimes I just want to take it all on myself.  Another one of my greatest challenges is being a brown girl competing with the leading hair tycoons who happen to be Asian males. However, I am determined to stand right beside them and be a part of what’s rightfully ours and help others to do the same.  

Brown Skin Women: What advice would you give your younger self? 

Yondel: I would tell my younger self, to not wait until I complete college to start my business but to start creating wigs for people while on campus. Additionally, I would tell my younger self that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes a great team to be successful.

It is with great pleasure I announce Yondel will host a series of workshops including her exiting DIY Wig Making workshop on Saturday February 4th. 

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