Not-So-Scissor Happy Split Ends

Fear of “scissor happy hair stylist”?  You should be!  He or she is only making you face a painful reality you’ve avoided for far too long.  It hurts I know but allow me to address the confusion surrounding natural hair and trimming our ends.  YES, natural hair should be trimmed like any other hair type, once every 3-4 four months in fact.  If you’re afraid you will get too much chopped off well it may be unavoidable.  If you go 6 months or longer without a trim, you are going an indefinite amount of time without treating your ends.  Which may look like any of the splits here:

If you ignore the split, it will only cause further damage.  So avoid having too much chopped off by seeing a stylist for a time about once per quarter.  With that said, I am pleased to offer the Seasonal Healthy Naturals Memberships Package.  Once per quarter you will receive a trim with one of our Master Professional Stylist, discount on your supply of natural hair products and a complimentary ticket to the monthly Natural Hair Style Workshops.  These exclusive workshops are for the lovely natural who  enjoys styling her hair herself but would like assistance with proper grooming,  Become a member today by clicking here.

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