My perfectly imperfect body

My body was compromised.

My boobs aren’t as perky as they once were and my stomach has stretch marks.

Due to child birth.

For years, literally over a decade, I have been unhappy with my body. Ashamed to wear crop tops and bikinis. Judging the woman who did. “She looks a hot mess, why would someone ever leave the house like that?”. Which ironically, is how I’d feel about myself if I were in her shoes.

What I had not factored in was what I clearly didn’t understand. It was a lack of confidence within myself.

​The woman who feels good about herself on the inside can not be touched. She does not need validation.

I know this now because of my first encounter with confidence. It was on a resort in Florida, dressed in a high waist bikini and it felt like love. And my heart was happy.

Over a decade of hiding and being ashamed of my body, I digress. And share openly what I refuse to allow to hold me back any longer.

​My perfectly imperfect body: less than perfect boobs, stretch marked stomach and heart of gold ☺️.

Don’t forget to acknowledge, support and love yourself. -Confidence



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