My not so great relationship with water 

I do not have a great relationship with water.  And therefore am less than great with daily water consumption.  I know the human body I made up of about 70% water.  I know every single natural living event I’ve held always always always suggest self love and natural living begins with a relationship with water.

I recognize the value and necessity in regular daily water consumption.  And yet, I don’t prioritize it.

A few months ago I posted a water detox video in my secret Brown Skin Women group on Facebook, asking the lovely ladies if they’d be interested in taking a one month water challenge with me.  The response was a resounding YES.  Gearing up for this to occur starting February 1, something life changing happened to me over the weekend.  It has caused a sudden increase in my need to establish a better relationship with water.

My daughter (who is severely disabled) is currently undergoing a series of health regression and status decline issues that are trying and emotionally taxing.  IT IS HARD.  Yet on Saturday the Universe decided to hit me with another “gift”.  I learned her blood pressure was low and was causing a domino of health effects.

Now to be honest, I don’t drink water as often as I should… so my baby doesn’t either. Much more then I do though not the recommended daily amount.  Which has led to mention of IV fluids for her and worst a g-tube procedure and placement as a result.  I immediately snapped out of the mindless state I’ve been in when it comes to water consumption.  My own carelessness is literally catching up with me and impacting someone most important to me.

I flushed her system with 8-12 cups of water all Saturday and Sunday and by Monday her blood pressure was back to normal.  She was chipper, alert and happy.  Thanking the Universe…I vowed to commit to making this better for both her and myself.

In preparation for my lifestyle change this weekend I read up on water, its benefits and how much of it should be consumed daily.  Here is a summary of some of what I found about it:

1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue

2. Flushes out toxins

3. Improves skin complexion

4. Boost immune system

5. Natural headache remedy

I am ready to do better.

Look forward to the challenge details in part two here on the blog in a few days :).



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