My First Experience With Bantu Knots On My Natural Hair

If you follow me on my CarmenVeal and/or BrownSkinWomen instagram account you may have already seen some of this past weekends magic.

This was the result of my first ever Bantu knots. A few things:

They were TOO tight. I ended up getting a headache. And loosening them as a result.

I normally sleep on a silk pillowcase with no bonnet, but for this I wore a satin wrap to help secure them in place.

They were not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. I slept just fine.

They were dry within 16 hours (my hair was only damp).

I have to work on my technique and am in desperate need of a deep conditioning so next Bantu knot results will likely vary (i.e. Look even better and moisturized).

I used my favorite combination of products. I make sure to stock up anytime TRoots Beauty visits Connecticut to vend at my Expos.

Surprise facts. I was a twin and was supposed to be a boy. So my parents named me after my Aunt Carmen, because I caught everyone off guard (technically I’m a junior…no clue if that’s actually a thing with females…don’t care enough to google it 🤷🏽‍♀️).

We celebrated her 65th birthday this past weekend. I left not really wanting to leave. She is SO well seasoned, full of life, and admirable accomplishments. She is fun, sassy, silly, happy, and carefree. Qualities I hope to possess as my own life grows on.

Overall, I enjoyed this hair style and will do it again. Any helpful tips? Comment below 💜.

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