Monday Motivation: Staying in your lane, Black health matters + when doing what you love works

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I can’t begin Monday Motivation without shouting out the Black Girl Selfie Sunday Magic we share in our secret group on Facebook.

From top left, Rozz, Harriet, Carrie, Uresea, Janea, Sherelle, Dria, Whitney, & Rhonda

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.

I have this posted on my wall in my living room. I hung it there about 5 years ago and have a much more enhanced connection to it in my life today, then I did half a decade ago.  I was reminded of doing extraordinary things with love this weekend on my time away with my love, his family and my little Miss Sania.

Living intentionally is tough, it requires work and transparency with yourself before anyone else. The “ordinary things” referenced in the quote above means everything that you touch, think, and do.

Not to confuse this with being consumed by too many ordinary things. Quite the contrary. We owe it to ourselves to commit only to hell yes opportunities, say no when we really mean it, change our mind when things no longer feel right, respect ourselves the way we want others to respect us. This is how I operate my life and my business. This is what gives me the strength to actually show up for what needs the best of and means the world to me.


In this weeks Monday Motivation, I am channeling an area I have desired to channel for a while, and recently began to put the steps in place.  Aligned perfectly with my life’s mission to create conscious communities on and offline, so long are the days where I re-invent the wheel and mindlessly fail to give credit when it’s due.  The resources below are what made an impact on me this past weekend: shining other black women magic and light…

Mental Health Podcasts by Therapists that Look Like Us… #BlackHealthMatters

I read this article in amazement, subscribed to the Podcasts and am already on this elevated high courtesy of connecting with and learning from women of color who get it.  Read here>>

I have a great appreciation for Myleik Teele, Owner of Curlbox. Her latest podcast hit my inbox this morning and was RIGHT on time. Give it a listen and watch your world open right up.

It is to this (Monday Motivation’s) end what I have found actually works for myself as the Owner and Content + Event Creator of Brown Skin Women, and the value these offerings offers this amazing community, is where I will spend my energy.  I’m making a few major changes which really sums up to doing things with intention.  The Brown Skin Women annual expos will remain, and the new addition (I will share tomorrow…details below) will replace all of the smaller offerings (workshops, book clubs, etc.) with an official exclusive re-brand!

We’re enhancing and expanding!  Learn more here>>

That’s it for this week! Sending you love and happiness throughout this week.



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