Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself

After a crippling break up (a few years ago) I became obsessed with trying to love myself. Like REALLY love myself, the way I wanted to be loved by someone else. 

Me on the beach a month into the break up.

I was in so much internal pain. Like there was a huge, gaping hole in my heart.  I posted this photo on social media with the caption “beach”. When in actuality I didn’t even want to be there, as I felt like complete shet. 

Looking back, I needed the experience. I’ve accepted that at this point, but it’s oftentime incredibly difficult to understand what we’re going through while we’re going through it.  

I had to do the tough self improvement work though, if I wanted to do, feel and be better. An empath getting over the heart break caused by a narcissist has got to be one of the most difficult to get over. I began the transformation and I dug deep.

I vowed to spend intimate time with myself, while undergoing a series of extremely difficult yet life enhancing experiences (yoga, meditation, therapy, fire-walking, sessions with my spiritualist…over load on self help books).  

I traced all the way back to my childhood. Experiences that shaped me into the woman I was at the time.  The trauma, the drama, the baggage that I attracted (read more about it HERE). 

Eventually the feelings of being “alone” naturally subsided.  I became content in my own space and eventually (without looking or feeling desperate to have a someone else), he came. 

And it has been the sweetest most life enhancing experience ever since. 

Me on the beach, incredibly happy, and in love with myself and my someone else.

 Love. Your. Self. 

Every thing else eventually falls into place. 

Always does.  

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