Life is too short to always be at war with yourself

I have become a better, gentler version of myself.  In no particular order as a result of…

Losing my dad without getting to tell him I love him one last time.  Ending a life-changing relationship with a verbally abusive man-boy.  My daughters health deteriorating.  Leaving a job who’s political structure I didn’t love but experiences I did appreciate.  To broke full time chasing my dreams of becoming a successful blogger-entrepreneur. 

A reality adjustment from being straight up disrespected and threatened by my own kind b/c my all wasn’t enough.  Forced sole mommyhood.  Seeking therapy with a specialist who is culturally aware which was a game changer, and key to unlearning results of urban trauma.  Learning yoga and meditation are mental wellness honey to my tea. 

Falling in love with a being who literally fuels my fire and ignites my passion.  Caring less about peoples baggage, assumptions and opinion.  Detoxing the hell out and love in to my home.  Having a place for everything and everything in its place.  

Realizing the only things in this world I can control are my thoughts.  The only thing constant in this world is change.  And what people do to me is never because of me, it is because of them. 

I’m growing through life designing my own custom cocktail of living life more abundantly with each experience, lesson and blessing.   It allows me to keep love, mental wellness and self care at my core, on shuffle and repeat. 

And this my family and friends is the reason I choose and emphasize the significance of love, peace and happiness.  Because life is too short to always be at war with yourself.



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