It’s OK to not have it all together, just own your truth while goal digging the life you imagine

From time to time I dive knee deep into areas of my personal life as a mom, significant other, event planner and blogger. Brown Skin Women essentially started as my virtual diary, which rings true today allowing me to highlight one authentic truth: transparency. 

I have been a goal digging, growing a ton…and I’m proud of myself for making the self investment through therapy.  It’s encouraged me to own my truths and share these truths with this network. Most of what I share hits close to home for most of you because (we’re more alike than unalike- Maya Angelou). Which is a powerful yet gentle reminder that allows me to shine a magical light on a significant way of existing ” it’s OK to not have it all together, just own your truth while goal digging the life you imagine.  Here are 10 of my truths and acceptances.

1. Im probably one of the most awkward people you’ll ever meet, but I hide it well. On the flip side, I have a very strange side of me (silly and dramatic) once I’m in my comfort zone around you. The latter is RARE though. 

2. As you can see, I still haven’t grown into my wrist. They’ve been this size since I was like 2. 

3. I recently realized the significance in “when people show you who they are, believe them the first time” (Maya Angelou). I respectfully resort to the nearest exit when things just don’t align. Cause I ain’t got time for the f*ckery. 

4. In person I don’t curse like a sailor but sometimes my choice of words can be dirty. I’ve struggled with sharing this part of me virtually. And recently realized my part time filth doesn’t condemn me, so fuck it. Online though, I usually asterisk the vowel or just change the vowel all together (shet for instance). 

5. I feel free. More so than I ever have in my life, and that’s real. 

6. I dislike small talk. It makes me feel awkward. Refer to #1 on this list. 

7. I honestly no longer give a flying fack about what people think of me. None. 

8. Someone once told me I think I’m better than everyone else. Lol. Yep…I am…better than every previous version of my own self. Also, refer to #7. 

9. My love asked me if I was given a million dollars, what would I do with it. My response: I wouldn’t want it. I’d rather continue working hard for my wealth. Learn all the lessons I need in order to deal with different levels different devils. I have zero desire to end up at my destination prematurely. 

10. This list was mad random but I receive SO many emails from people asking to meet for coffee (I really don’t like coffee btw…its a luxury for me), or to pick my brain. The answer is probably not without reason, unless you’re a client paying my consultation fee than ok let’s talk business…but I’m not accepting new clients at this time (kudos for working my ass off to get here). HOWEVER, my life’s mission, instageam bio and words I love by states “creating conscious communities on and offline” means, connect with me in the spaces I create and we can goal dig together ☺️. 

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