I don’t buy makeup

Riding in the back of a suburban our uber driver cracked up at the ʺgirl talkʺ my friends and I were having. We rode pass a Sephora and my girl exclaims that we should go together so I can show her all the products I buy. Before catching the train to NYC I did a quick little face in the car. I am not a make up artist. Or even a girl who knows HOW to do makeup. I just like to look awake (shoot, alive) sometimes! But one thing I do know how to do is score free makeup.

I do not shop at Sephora. That place is the devil’s playground lol. I love to browse in there and yes I’ve made purchases but I’m not a regular. Most if not all of the items in my makeup bag have come from Influenster. Influenster is an online community to receive and review various products including for the most part beauty products. My Revlon foundation, YSL color corrector, Marc Jacobs eyeliner, BITE matte lip pencils… ALL free via Influenster. I’ve even received a Victoria’s Secret bra and vouchers to try free food products.

You build up a profile, qualify for campaigns and submit reviews and feedback. It’s really that simple. The only catch is it does take a while to start qualifying for campaigns. I’ve been a member for about four+ years and I can definitely say the freebies have picked up within the last two years. Being active on the site and completing all the necessary campaign activities are the best way to build up your ʺinfluenceʺ and receive more product. Now obviously if you’re a MUA or makeup junkie, this is not going to be super life changing. But for the rest of us, its lit!

I also use the BACK2MAC program to return old containers in exchange for free product. Another way I get free makeup is taking all the things my mom passes on from her many subscription boxes. But I’m not sharing my mom with y’all so you’re out of luck there. 😉

Sooo… what are you waiting for… go sign up!

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