My absolute favorite time of year is complimented by warmth and sun. I live for outdoor activities and all things ecotherapy during Spring and Summer months. My least favorite interruption: bugs (of any kind) and especially mosquitos. One of the business moguls I adore (Myleik Teele) shared a similar product on her Snapchat and I had to try it. It’s a natural solution to ridding personal space of the tiny critters. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets as reviewed in my VLOG video on my YouTube here.

A few questions I received after I posted this video:

Q: Do you put the recently used bracelet back in the same bag?

A: Yes, I do. But if you’re worried about confusing one with another of the same color, simply use another sealed back instead. A Ziploc bag for example.

Q: Did you really only get one mosquito bite?

A: Yes only one :). P.s. I take pride in being in the business of transparency. I wasn’t paid nor was my video sponsored by the makers (or any company for that matter). The only person I ever try to impress is myself. Your results may vary.

Q: What other precautions should I take just in case the bracelet isn’t enough?

A: As mentioned in the video, I recommend using one on your wrist and another on your ankle. Especially considering I wore one on my wrist and ended up with one mosquito bite on my thigh. Also, it doesn’t hurt to use an all natural bug repellent spray. This one here is a great all natural spray safe for babies and pets.

Have further questions? Comment below :).

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    May 23, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Omg this is great! Thanks for sharing just in time for outdoor activities here in NY!

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