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We’re all familiar with the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till right?  Well, his story has resurfaced in a different light.

In short Till, a 14 year black old boy, was accused of verbally and/or physically assaulting white woman Carolyn Bryant Donham while visiting her store in Mississippi.  As a result, four days later he was kidnapped from his relatives home, beaten and tortured beyond recognition, then shot in the head by husband Roy Bryant and his half brother, J. W. Milam.  It is because of this occurence, the story of Emmett Till became one of the catalysts for the civil rights movements.  One that has a galvanizing effect on Black America.

There was many variations of the “truth”, which held no weight in comparison to the severe and unethical punishment.  Here is the condition he was found in as explained by Till’s late mother Mama Till…

In a post from January 2017, the NY Times shared, “…But what matters now, he said, is the truth. It has been clear for decades that she lied in court, he said, “to get it from her own mouth after so many years of silence is important. ” Read the full article here.

This shines a light on the Black Lives Matter movement because aside from slavery itself, there was also a time when white persons words against a black persons was upheld as the law.  The white men who murdered Till have long passed away, no action has been taken against Carolyn Bryant Donham.

Black Lives Matter because Black Lives are still not equally valued and respected by White America.  This is the America we live in…one bound so tightly around white privilege.

Black Women and Black Men you are valued, you are loved, you are beauty, you are love.

Rest In Peace Emmett who would have been 61 and his mother Mama Till who passed away in 2003.  Prayers, light and heartfelt love to the Till family.




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