Her Story: Dayeshell & Abdul Muhammad

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All month my husband has been celebrating people around him that he feels is #MakingBlackHistory. Well today I celebrate him. In 2005 he took a risk and started My People Clinical Services, LLC. Over the last 12yrs he has upheld his mission by providing jobs for over 350 black and Hispanic professionals (including many people in his family and mine), financial SUPPORTed people go to college, social causes and businesses to get started. He EMPOWERed many of our employees to continue their educational dreams and has assisted with REBUILDing our community and has repaired many of the gaps in service that Black and Hispanic individuals and families face in the social service world. He’s a devoted husband, father, son, brother, uncle, son-in-law, brother-in-law, and friend. He’s a poet, a writer and a Dream Chaser that inspires other people to live the life of their dreams… He is the KLOSS!! Some won’t give him credit for what he has done for the community and them individually, but I have been there from the start and am a witness to his greatness. There’s a million other things I can say about him but today I’ll just say that he’s #MakingBlackHistory. #DC1 #NeverStopDreaming #SupportEmpowerRebuild

This is an illustration of a dream chaser, goal digger and amazing beings who support them.  I have the privilege of knowing Dayeshell and Abdul and couldn’t be happier to shine a light on the magic they share with each other and our community.  –Carmen 

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