Guidelines for Conducting a Focus Group


Focus groups can reveal a wealth of detailed information and deep insight. When well executed, a focus group creates an accepting environment that puts participants at ease allowing then to thoughtfully answer questions in their own words and add meaning to their answers. Surveys are good for collecting information about people’s attributes and attitudes but if you need to understand things at a deeper level then use a focus group.

In this course we will explore:

  1. Defining a focus group
  2.  Designing focus group questions
  3. Recruiting and preparing for participants
  4. Conducting the focus group
  5. Analyzing the data

Additionally you will have access to the following printables:

  1. Focus group questions
  2.  Recruitment flyer
  3.  Invitee tracking form
  4.  Introductory remarks
  5.  Sample consent from
    Data analysis format
  6.  Synthesized report format

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