Goal Digging Women: Yolonda Turner, Owner of Cupcake Fetish in Missouri

One of the Universe’s greatest gifts to us all is the corner of the internet that shines an intimate light on magical beings.  There are so many amazing brands and goal digging women business owners making strides, and achieving inspiring goals across the globe.  Thanks to Instagram I’ve been connected to one in particular who adds creativity and sweetness to my timeline. This time around, I’m making way to Florissant, Missouri for a behind-the-scenes look at Goal Digging Woman Yolonda Turner, Owner of Cupcake Fetish. We talked about the passion AND the challenges behind running a business and growing a brand.

: Tell me more about Cupcake Fetish and how you launched.

: I started cupcake Fetish four years ago after offering a Mothers Day dessert station for my family.  This led to them encouraging me to offer my services professionally.  I had my share of doubts but what started as a hobby quickly developed into a side business offering cupcakes and cakes for special occasions.

: It’s amazing how something we’re naturally skilled at can appeal to others in such an inspiring way.  What is/was your greatest challenge with keeping it going post the foundation?

Yolonda: Growing smart. I didn’t and don’t want to outgrow my capabilities. So it is essential I hire quality people who I can trust to represent my brand and its culture.  

: Growing smart.  That is SO good.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the right now.  We have to consider long term planning.  It is essential when it comes to growth and helping us achieve our goals.  It’s how I’ve built my business from the ground up.  So, how can the Brown Skin Women network support you?

Yolonda: Advertising.  Like most small businesses, we don’t have advertising dollars to dedicate to marketing.  One area that encourages growth is through showcasing at consumer based trade shows.  With marketing at these events I realized how exhausting and expensive they are, not to mention the need for a diverse staff who can help appeal to a multi cultural audience.  The best decision for Cupcake Fetish was to limit our participation to two of these events per year, and rely on word of month advertising to help us sustain.

Carmen: Locally, we offer Expos (consumer based trade shows) and periodic networking event.  For brands that are outside of Connecticut, I use the Brown Skin Women platform to highlight brands created by Goal Digging Women. A little on the personal side (especially since we appeal to young women subscribers), what advice would you give to your younger self?

Yolonda: Chase your dreams not boys LOL

: LOL oh if I knew then what I know now.  Ok, so what advice would you give to a fellow goal digging woman on the entrepreneurial path?

Yolonda: The best decision I made was investing in how Cupcake Fetish looks from the customer’s standpoint. So my advice is to always invest in your brand. Make improvements in advance. Buy the great website, invest in your headshot, find a graphic designer that understands your vision. The more you have prepared ahead of time, the more opportunities will arise.

Like all of the Goal Digging Women featured on the blog, I am delighted with gems of knowledge they share during our conversation.  Off the record, here are a few of my favorites mentioned by Yolonda:

Are you capable?

Don’t be afraid to invest in your dream.

If you have a relative, colleague or friend in Missouri, tell them about the sweetness that is Cupcake Fetish! 

Cupcake Fetish is Social! Connect:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Check out their free ad, as a thank you for sharing her story and time with us, in our black book directory here.

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